Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Is Good

When you wake up in the morning without any pain or rather pain is minimal, it makes you believe you are cleared of cancer. But such moments are not guaranteed for within seconds, pain would strike and my mood would immediately dip. So I bask in delight when such moments arrive for I do not know when it will show up again.

Life is good today (and hopefully more of such days days to come)!

My Failings
There are certain views that I hold closely to my heart and in the past I have commented and hold steadfast to these views which although may be of good intention but is actually my imposition of my views onto others. Upon reflection, it is my own failing to come to terms with my own fears that triggered the fatherly protective nature of myself to mask the fears by my imposition of what is right. Who am I to judge but for others to decide on their own what is good for himself/herself?

I am learning so that I can be of better service to myself and to others. Christine, again thank you for your feedback.

I have been blessed with very good friends, friends from since my childhood days, friends that I meet along the way and friends from my work association. They have really been wonderful and very supportive to me in a crisis time like this.

There is also another group, people I don't know, who took time to visit my blog. I want you to know that by just reading, it provides subtle but further encouragement for me. I am also grateful to some who shared their thoughts with me by leaving comments and emails to me.

Guys, thanks a million!

Of Religion
You would have noticed that I stayed away from this topic though I did say I am a Buddhist. Occasional I explained so that you understand where I am coming from but only for information.

Religion is a very personal matter and relationships are between the person and God. What is deemed acceptable or correct to one person may be different to another. Therfore I would like to leave it as it is.

I would like to thank those who offered to help me better understand their religion. I appreciate your good intention.

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  1. Bro. Chang, I at last managed to get your blog from Kong just now. I really felt sad when I heard about your illness from Yap, especially the stage of your cancer. However, from your blog, I can say you do not accept defeat but has very strong will power. From what I read and from Buddhist point of view, the state of the mind in patient with such disease plays a very important part in the recovery. I remember our late Chief Rev. Dhammananda told us that when his doctor broke the news to him that he had cancer of the prostate, he just laugh it off. Puzzled, the doctor commented that this is the 1st time his patient reacted in such way as all his patients will be in total shock and broke down. He told the doctor "Sickness is only in the mind" What he means is that if you don't allow the sickness to overwhelm you, part of the big battle is won. Many people got sickness due to the bad emotional state of the mind accumulated over a long period of time. This has thrown the normal body function into disarray and sickness will set in. I read about the potency of sour sop fruit great healing power against cancer. Hope you will try it out as it was claimed to be 10,000 more effective than chemeopathy.
    Have a good day then...Cheers.
    From: Bro. Lim (MMG)