Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What You Should Know About Detox

Much has been written about detoxing and you can Google and get millions of articles. So why am I writing another post on detox? In this post, I will bring your attention to an area which I think most promotors on the subject will assume you know but I think this is a risk area that you should be aware of.

Everyone has toxins in the body, it's a question of how much. Toxins can be organic or inorganic and normally enters through your body via food, water, or the environment like smoke, touch, etc. Toxins accumulates in your body when the body is not able to expell it sufficiently and some toxins actually get lodges in the cells, especially heavy metal toxins like mecury, lead and aluminium. Other toxins such as free radicals floats around your body and start damaging the cells as well.

To cut the story short, these toxins are not good and can lead to a host of health problems for you. So you need to get them out of the body. The food and the water you drink are some ways you can help the body to detox but most of these methods are not sufficient. The idea is that you need an external agent to be injected into your body to trigger the release of the toxins. There are so many to choose from, Ayuvedic methods, herbs and more modern methods like oral chelation to name a few. All these are designed to trigger the body to expell the toxins.

Well so far fine and good but have you considered what happens when these toxins are released into your body? Most of the promotors will assume that the various organs in your body will be able to handle the toxicity in your body. This assumption is valid if you are normally a healthy person but if you have some more serious and chronic diease, then taking this assumption can be dangerous. The toxins when released into your blood stream are even more dangerous then when they are lodged in the cells. Not only that, you body have to deal with so much toxins that has been release in one go. Yes, an abled body person can deal with this but what about those who are not? The people at highest risk are those who think they are healthy but actually they are not.

People with cancer, as Dr. Max Gerson has during his early days when he formulated his cancer therapy found that taking coffee enema is the safest way to help expell the toxins without killing the patient. He found it the hard way because he lost a few patients because the patient could not handlke the toxins in the body and confirmed it with an autopsy. This was before he introduced coffee enema to the patients.

So if you have a serious health condition (but not cancer) and you have taken some oral agent to help trigger the release of the toxins in your body, you now have a choice to make. Allow the body to manage the expelling of the toxins on its own or you can assist by say doing coffee enema to lighten the work of the liver. Remember, if cancer patiens can benefit and did not die from coffee enemas (I am a living proof and there are thousands more but please don't sue me), you may want to relook at how you want to expell your toxins from your body in your next detoxification excercise.

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