Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Aggressive Methods

I have been feeling quite good lately and yet I feel something is brewing inside my body. There are occasional pain here and there (especially around the kidney tumor area) and I do not know what to make of it. Someone once told me either it is improving or getting worst. Either way, I have done what I can for the body and I should not be unduly stressed by such developments. Yes, I have faith in the therapies that I am taking. Monitoring developments allows to tweak the therapies a little bit but sometimes the problem is much larger and needs more agressive treatment methods.

I have been mulling over this kidney removal operation for sometime now and I think I will now move into the next phase. I will be possibly visiting Singapore again sometime next week to get an opinion from my urologist about the possibility of hand assisted laparoscopic surgery. While the Singapore urologist is very optimistic about the surgery (the last time I met him), my concern is post surgery support. So I will talk to another urologist possibly at Subang Jaya Medical Center becase it is much nearer to where I live. Furthermore the costs in Singapore will be doubled that if done locally. It's not the local doctors are not good but slow or not so confident in adopting such surgical methods.

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