Friday, September 24, 2010

A New Style

Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with Christine at Freddie's place, the place where I normally get my organic supplies. I have not met for quite sometime. She loan me a book, Gifts of Life: Facing Cancer by Foo Hee Boon. She was not sure if I would read it because the author died in the process of his fight with cancer. I told her I am hungry for more of such books because I have no prior experience dealing with cancer and reading other people's books or blogs helps me to deal with cancer better. You be surprised how many did not learn from the first cancer experience only to face it again when it recurred, normally within 2-3 years later. She also commented that the way I write my blog looks more like reading a report. Yes, my earlier intention was just to report about my condition. But of late you would notice I have also started to write about the softer side of me, giving more intimate details of my emotions, worries and fears. Ok, a little humor would be even better.

Pain Pain Go Away
It's called cancer because it looked crab-like. I think another more appropriate word would be paincer, it about pain, pain and pain man. I have two alarm clocks, one my trusty old handphone which I set at 6am. The other, a free gift of the cancer, the pain clock because its ringing tone are stabbing pains. This morning the pain clock sprang to life at 5am waking me up in the process. Today the ringing tone was felt at shoulder blade area. Damn, no off switch! Fully automatic.

Coffee Enema
A little quiz. Sorry, no prizes for guessing correctly.

a. When you take coffee through your mouth, you inject toxins into your body.
b. When you take coffee through your anus, you release toxins from your body.

Question: Which is the more popular method of taking coffee?

I noticed a little pain around the right side of my anus around 8pm and this came after a few hours after the afternoon enema. It was a little painful inserting the tube when I did my night enema at around 10pm. I am worried that an infection may have caused it. It would affect me doing future enemas. As a precaution, I may reduce my enemas from 3 to 2 or even 1 a day to allow it to heal.

Going Singapore Next Week
My appointments with the doctors next week have been confirmed. Hopefully I can get more information on the surgery itself to help me come to a conclusion as to where I should proceed with the surgery.

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