Sunday, September 12, 2010

366 Days And Counting

I start my first day of the second year in therapy with renewed confidence. There has been ups and downs throughout this period. I have received lots of encouragement and support via your emails, SMSs, phone calls and also messages left on my Facebook. Thank you all for being there for me during this difficult time of my life. Despite being busy with your own life, some of you have written to me to offer suggestions and to look at things from a different prespective. These are all very helpful because being so engrossed in the fight, I do find myself lost in the maze. Please continue to spare some of your freetime and share with me your thoughts.

I would like like to thank all of you for visiting this blog. I hope you find the information that I have written useful. It is my hope that by sharing, we can learn from each other in how to deal with this diease better. At least now, your source of information is not only your doctor.

The past one year has not been easy for me but I would say I am very happy with the outcome. Despite the presence of tumors at two of my major organs, the right kidney and the lungs, it is really not easy to maintain the body and not let it deteriorate. Overtime, the body becomes tired and the mind becomes stressed. Its a game of endurance. The enemy within has all the resources it needs and it takes at my expense. So far the strategy of starving the tumors has been somewhat effective; the tumors are under control or at least its growth is being made difficult. Hopefully, with the adding of a new TCM therapy would tip the scale in my favour. At least for now, my body tells me things are still the same if not slightly better.

The minds plays an important part in this fight and maintaining positive thoughts and attitude provide minimum sustenance. A friend reminded me self-love is also important. I thought narcism should be more damaging not just it is selfish but breeds greed. But she quickly corrected me and said here self-love is being compassionate to yourself, without any condition. This is an important ingredient to healing.

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