Friday, September 3, 2010

Its Sunny In Singapore

I was awaken by the pain between my shoulder blade this morning. This is an old problem. Otherwise I have no other problems and symptoms as my oncologist would call it. One other thing I did not mention yesterday was that my oncologist told be to watch out for the lymph node on my neck. Apparently from the scans, he could see the node is quite close to the throat passage and should it grows, it may block part of the passageway. I may have difficulty in eating and he has asked me to be careful when eating especially if I feel something in the throat blocking the food.

I discussed with my sister in law on what the oncologist said and being an immunologist she does have quite a good understanding about cancer, having studied them in her work. Basically what is happening is a good sign because at least the tumors did not advance like it is supposed to. The disappearing of a few nodes and also some nodes going smaller means something in my therapies are working, otherwise you will not have this kind of result. I also know I did deviate a little on my diet sometime back when I was having some problems with stomach gases. While it my seems that what I took may seems immaterial, each individual (and the tumors) reacts differently, so it is better to be safe than sorry. I have corrected my diet and also stayed away from sweet fruits. Also with the addition of a new therapy, I will monitor my situation for progress and then see what next course of action I can take.

I will also get input from my homeopathy doctor this afternoon and see what are his recommendations. So far he has been telling me positive things but I am not sure those are fully reflected in the scans.

This trip to Singapore is a little tiring for me. I took two bags with me, one for my food and cloths and the other my 2.2kg Compaq notebook, the one that was struck by lightning some months back. During my last visit here, I was at Sim Lim Square, the IT happening place and I found out that they could repair notebook motherboards or replace them at very reasonable costs in just two hours. In Malaysia, the cost of replacement would have been at least RM1K (US$315) but over here, I could get it done for about RM400 (US$126). So I brought my notebook to be repaired because its only two years old and still very new. My shoulders hurts and its tiring to walk with such heavy loads but I am happy as I manage to salvage the notebook.

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