Monday, September 6, 2010

What Can It Be?

I stopped using Snake Plant leaves the whole of last week when I discovered that it really caused my lower back pain. The plant has a "cooling" effect that causes this problem and mainly affect older people (I did not have this problem when I was younger). After stopping, the pain disappeared and last Saturday I used it again and my back was hurting when Sunday came. I really had problems getting up from bed and also getting up from coffee enemas. I may have to find another herb to neutralise this "cooling" effect of this plant in order to continue.

Meanwhile, life continues. I started taking iron supplements because of blood loss in the urine. Based on my daily observation, I think the kidney tumor grew slightly and the blood loss started because prior to this, my urine has been quite clear except in the morning. My shoulder pain also started around July 2010 followed by the discovery of the lymph node on my left neck. Having looked back at the April-May 2010 period where I had stomach gases problem and I took mainly brown rice with pumpkin/sweet potatoes during this period. In the May-June period , I started taking some fruits that are sweeter, a big mistake on my part. Sometimes I wonder if these little changes can caused all this problems? Well the scans up to March 2010 showed the tumors were quite stable. Also when I first started Gerson Therapy, within a period of three weeks only, the kidney tumor actually shrank a little bit. At that time I was purely on the Gerson diet only. From April-August 2010, the kidney tumors grew a little bit, so something must have triggered it. Except for the changes to my diet that I mentioned, nothing changed.

Anyway, I have corrected my diet and also added a new TCM therapy. I will monitor the progress for the next 2 months and see what happens before deciding on the next course of action. My body feels good dispite some pain here and there at the regular places.

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