Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Will They Learn

Last night I did not sleep well. I was tossing and turning the whole night and only managed to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning. As a result, I could not wake up on time this morning and had to skip my qi gong class as I was still very tired. It's one of those days where the mind could not settle down to rests. An extra hour of sleep helped somewhat and as the morning progressed, I felt much better.

Currently, the pain around my neck and shoulder area has eased somewhat but somehow I still have some pain on my buttocks, especially from long sitting sessions. But I am quite happy with my progress as the overall pain is minimal. I can still eat and sleep very well (well yesterday night was one exception), the body weight has stabilised. In view of the positive progress lately, I have somewhat deferred meeting my urologists to later this month or early next month. This would give me time to access the situation better. Even if I had to go through the surgery, it is important to ensure body is in good shape before the surgery. My urologist said that under open surgery, I will be in ICU for 1 week and that gives you an idea how risky and taxing the surgery would have on my body.

Yesterday I received an email from someone who after reading my blog decided to contact me. He offered to share his laparoscopic surgical experience with me for which I am thankful. He had Transitional Cell Corcinoma (TCC) on his right renal pelvis and had the tumor removed successfully by surgery. As it was at Stage 1, no metastasis tumor was found and he was decleared cured. In Dr Chris Teo's book, Cancer, Yet They Live!, Dr Teo wrote that many of his patients are recurring patients. The number recurring within 2-3 years are rather high and it is not surprising because removal of the tumnor by surgery is only dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause. Most often, the pancrease and the liver have already started to mulfunction and has allowed to cancer cells to grow. Without rehabilitating these organs and coupled with a change of diet, the chances of the cancer recurring is very high.

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