Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Fight Continues

Yesterday a number of my friends contacted me after reading my blog wondering if everything was all right. The blood in urine was a one off case so far and I hope it will remain so. Other than that episode, everything appears normal. The growth in the kidney tumor is not good but at the moment it does not threatened my life as compared to the nodes in the lungs. My priority has always to get the lungs right and then deal with the kidney later on condition the kidney tumor does not grow too rapidly.

Surgically removing the kidney is the fastest way to deal with my problem but what if your doctor told you that most of them died within 6 months of operation, would you still consider doing it? The doctor also says everybody reacts differently and may have a different outcome. I am sure he told it to all his patients before the operation. Ultimately it is up to me. Some statistics.

StageTumor size (cm)Extent of spread5-year survival rate (%)
I< 7 cmlimited to the kidney96
II> 7 cmlimited to the kidney82
IIIAny sizeinvades blood vessels and lymph nodes64
IVAny sizeinvades other organs like the lungs, liver and bone23

Source: The American Joint Committee on Cancer Staging System

I am looking for a doctor who can perform the laparoscopic surgery to remove the tumor as I believe my odds of surviving is higher with this procedure. The urologist in Singapore certainly can do but post surgery support would be a problem for me. I prefer to have one done near I live.

I have been on CA Care's herbs for about 11 days now and so far, I am not able to tell if it has helped or not. It's a little too early because TCM takes time to show results. I believe I would be able to tell in say two month's time when I do the blood tests.

In the quest to grain economic wealth, many Malaysians Chinese has somehow abandoned their traditional Asian values. Yesterday I while I was at the CA Care local center, I had a chat with one of the counsellors and she told of stories of how people just could not care for their parents and spouses. The children's job was just to sent their parents to the center and pay for the treatment. It's the parents job to treat themselves while everything else was not their concern. I just have this to say, how you treat your parents is how your children going to treat you. Cancer patients do need emotional support from their close ones, don't abandoned them in their hour of need.

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