Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If Only I Knew

Someone asked me why I am taking an additional therapy? Based on the last scan, it appears that the nodes in my lungs have become smaller while at the same time the tumor on my right kidney has gotten a ligger bigger. It seems to me that my present therapies are more or less able to control the situation but not sufficient to deal with the tumors at two different organs effectively. Therefore I need to give the body a little more help. Selecting which additional therapy to take is also difficult because there are so many out there, each having their own success stories. For me, it must be able to blend with Gerson Therapy because that is my anchor therapy. I strongly believe the therapy works and I do have the past result to proof it but it is not enough, maybe due to the modified version that I am doing.

Anyway ever since I started the CA Care's Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body seems to be responding. There are discomforts as I am experiencing now which is part of the healing crisis. Actually this is a good sign and TCM takes time. Much earlier, I have not considered TCM because the herbs makes great demands on my remaining kidney. But I have now reach a situation that he body needs additional help. This therapy only requires consumption of one herb per day (all together 4 herbs per day) which I think my kidney would be able to handle.

The pain is now more or less concentrated on my lower back and on the buttocks and thighs. The pain is most felt when I get up from bed during my night urine or in the mornings. I can still take the pain and have not relied on any pain tea or pain killer to ease the pain. I am managing the pain naturally, mainly through stretching and some self light massaging.

I will be leaving for Singapore after lunch today and will be back only late Friday evening. As I on the move in Singapore, I will try and give some updates if possible, especially on what my doctors has to say.

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