Thursday, September 9, 2010

Losing Control?

This morning in my qi gong class, I was having problems doing some of the exercises that I had no problems doing previously. Exercises that normally involves both legs are never a problem for me but today I felt the trembling of both my legs. It could not take the weight of my body when the body was bending backwards. The legs was shivering. My energy levels is really down and I think it started around July 2010 time. The back is also hurting so much so my body bending exercise was a pain in the back. I think this has all to do with the growth of my kidney tumor.

I am monitoring the situation and if the tumor turns more aggressive, then I may have to resort to more agressive treatment methods, one of which is surgery. I have talked about it in a few of my previous posts and the risk are indeed high. I am now researching about the surgery and also on the diet that I should be on post surgery.

As I come to complete one year of my therapies, I wish my condition on my kidney tumor, not just the lungs would improve much better but this was not the case. My homeopathy doctor now says that the medication is somewhat effective but unable to deal with the big tumor mass. It does not make much sense because the previous scans showed that the tumor was in control and it cannot all of a sudden lose control. The only thing that was changed was my diet and homeopathy does not have stringent dietary requirements and I could be even on an animal protein diet and not affect the outcome. But I was not and still the situation deteriorated. I am thinking of ceasing this therapy on completion of one year that is when I complete this round of medication.

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