Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slowly And Hopefully Surely

Since I started taking the CA Care herbs, I have enjoyed ulcers free days but the last week or so, I had a self made ulcer on my upper lip. The ulcer came about when I bit my own lips while eating dinner. The area on the lips that was bitten started swelling and finally became an ulcer. Its very painful and it takes a longer time to heal than ordinary ulcers. Yesterday evening, I had a repeat. I bit my lower lips four times! After being bitten the first time, I had been careful and ate slowly but still it happened again. In Chinese medicine, when this happens, it is said the body is heaty and can be acquired from eating heaty foods but in my case, its termed as "false" heat. This arises from internally within the body due mainly from lack of sleep as I get up frequently to urinate. You know you are heaty when your lips are very dry, sometimes the lips sort of changes slightly darker in color and may look a little swelled. So when you are eating, the tongue sometimes comes into contact with the dry lips and the dry lips gets stuck with the wet tongue. As the tongue withdraws back into the mouth during the eating process, it brings the stucked lips within the path of the grinding teeth and that where the lips gets bitten. I learn this the hard way. The way to overcome this problem is to wet your lips before you start chewing.

I have been feeling quite good and I believe the herbs are assisting. The pain are now mainly on lower back area and I have been doing bending exercise to ease the pain. It does not interfere with my daily activities. Other than that, there are not much complaints. As usual, I need to rests a bit more.

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