Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Next

My coughing has sort of stopped, coughing only occasionally. The healing pain on my abdominal area is getting slightly better although I still get some pain while lying flat on the bed. I am still depending on the pain killer when necessary. Most importantly, I have been sleeping well.

I have now reached the beginning of the second stage of my journey wherein I am like back to the very start of my journey i.e. looking for what therapies to do. I have identified Hyperthermia therapy but that alone may not be good enough. I am deeply trouble as to what my next course of action should be. More recently, through a recommendation and support of a reader in Hong Kong, I consulted a medical doctor in New York.

I have been keeping myself busy with reading some new therapies that was recommended to me by my doctor. These therapies are not the mainstream therapies even though they belong to the conventional drug category. Some of the therapies in consideration includes Metronomic chemo, Dentritic Cells Vaccine, Interleukin-2 therapy and Gammadelta therapy. As you can see, there are a lot of reading to do and understand how the therapies work.

Besides understand what and how these therapies works, the most difficult part is to find a doctor or hospital in Malaysia that is able to offer such treatments. Looks like I may have to look at countries within the South East Asian and Far East region for some answers. After finding the hospitals, I still have logistics to work out as some of these therapies takes time and need to get support care during my stay in the hospital. Anyway, I think its best to take a step at a time. Find the treatment centers first, hopefully there are available within the country.

I am encouraged by the new therapies recommended by my doctor. For example, the following abstract was taken from a study by the Department of Urology, Tokyo Women's Medical University:

Gammadelta T-cells have recently attracted considerable attention in the development of novel cancer immunotherapy, and several different approaches have been designed and employed in clinical trials. Case Report: A patient with lung metastasis after radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) had six cycles of adoptive immunotherapy using autologous in vitro-activated gammadelta T-cells followed by low-dose interleukin-2 and zoledronic acid intravenous infusion. Complete remission was achieved which has been maintained for 2 years without any additional treatment. Immunological analysis demonstrated a high level of interferon-gamma four hours through one day following the transfer and peripheral blood gammadelta T-cells increased 10-fold from the baseline value, 7 days after the transfer. No serious adverse events were observed. CONCLUSION: Adoptive immunotherapy using gammadelta T-cells was shown here to be clinically beneficial and safe, and may become a therapeutic option for patients with advanced RCC.

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  1. Hi CT, thought you might like to read up on melatonin as a potential form of treatment as well.