Monday, March 19, 2012

Eureka: Is It?

I am still troubled by the little pain on my right abdominal area. I did not have this problem when I was in China nor when I first came back home. This problem only started around the same time I managed to sleep well. Every time I lie down on the bed, I would feel a pull in the muscle of the right abdominal area and followed by a dull pain. I will run my fingers over the abdominal area to message it a little. It help's to reduce the pain. I can't do a full stretch on that area yet.

A reader from Hong Kong has been helping me out with the therapies that I intend to do. Not only that, she also gave me information where I can get some of the treatments. I think my next assignment, sounds pathetic isn't it, is to look for clinics and hospitals that will be able to offer the treatments. Finding this and finding that, always finding. I think if I had not started this blog, my journey would have been even more difficult. Many readers have written to me with therapy suggestions, some of them which I took, some I did not. I also can't be traveling to different clinics in different country. Even if money was not the problem, I would not be able to withstand the demands of such frequent travel. Therefore, I hope to be able to integrate two or three therapies that I can do together. Looks like I may have to look for (so what's new) and persuade some oncologist to take my case and help me administer the therapies should I decide to proceed. Well there is China.

A cancer friend who writes to me occasionally and she said that cancer patients should support each other. I could not agree more. If you are on alternative and not mainstream therapies, having a good connection with other cancer patients is a must. It will you save a lot of leg work, frustration and tears.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I would like to thank a friend from Prai, Penang. Last weekend, she took the trouble to arrange for dana (alms) in my name for some monks at a temple in Bukit Mertajam. Thank you so much.


  1. Chang

    It is clear the reason u have to keep fighting to survive...u r our source of real information which have been tested to an extent, your life experiences...we have learned alot from you - with, without cancer.
    Btw do you juice bittergourd and celery? If not may I know why?

    1. Dear Ai Wee,

      I follow the Gerson protocol which does not include bittergourd+celery.

      Furthermore celery contains high amounts of sodium and bittergourd is very cooling.

  2. Morning.Chang

    This is Lew, Ms Yeoh's friends who met once at Dr Ng's clinic.As plan we are now at Germany, Dr Herzog's Clinic.We area here on 17/03/12 and there is another 3 more Malaysian family two weeks earlier that us.If Chang is interested about the treatment over here as mention before, I will try get them to share youn the treatment here.

    Take care

    1. Hi Lew,

      It's nice of you to get in touch. We last met about a month ago and now you are already in Germany.

      Yes, I would appreciate if you could update me on your treatments (including the three other families) and the progress as well.

      Meanwhile, I wish you and your wife a very successful treatment.