Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Night Fever

Since more than two weeks ago, I have been able sleep quite well. All of a sudden my biorhythm/circadian rhythms seems to be back to normal without any assistance of drugs or supplements. In fact, through my brother's friend in Singapore, I have bought two bottles of melatonin to aid in my sleep but now it seems I no longer needed that. One reader wrote and said melatonin can also be used to treat cancer and I will have read up more on that. One of the changes that I noted since I was able to sleep was that my health has improved. I think I have gained back weight in one of the most unlikely areas, my chest area. At least now, the ribs are not so visible anymore. Somehow I feel my general well being has improved. My voice too has improved, at least it is not breaking up so easily. I can breath deeper now. I am not sure if this also has to do with Germanium supplements that I have been taking for the past one and a half months and/or the Homeopathy remedy that I have been taking for the past one month. I feel like going to a disco tonight! Thanks to the friends who have taken the trouble to visit me.

Now, I wait for my HIFU surgery to heal completely. There is still some pain in the right abdominal area. After this, I will treat my lumbar spine problem and hopefully, I will be able to walk normal again. So far so good. Meanwhile, I will continue to read up some of the therapies that I intend to do. One thing is quite clear, those therapies that I intend to do are not available in Malaysia. Checked with many doctors and all of them have not heard about those therapies. My mood is improving and I think my bout of depression will soon be over.


  1. Hi CTChang,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. May I know where can I buy this Germanium supplements.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement.

      You can buy Germanium online as it is rather expensive to buy locally. You can almost buy four bottles online for the price of one bottle locally inclusive of shipping. Third day delivery. I get them from

    2. Just how reliable is the quality? Would Customs clearance be an issue?

    3. No problem with the quality as I used the Jarrows formula. I have no problems clearing customs, only that 5% tax was imposed.

  2. glad to hear about the improving mood. this is the way to go, fight cancer with a positive attitude despite the condition. cancer cells are most weary of a positive immune system.

  3. Hi Chang,

    Nice to read positive news from you again! Better still, knowing that you are regaining strength and winning another battle.

    Take care.

  4. Perhaps it's time for you to drop by my restaurant, Chang. I can share with you some videos of how cancer patients 'live with' their cancer cells.