Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Near Yet So Far

I have more or less decided what I want to do for my next therapies. I will continue to use Gerson diet and the juice about 6 times a day. However, I will be phasing out some of the supplements, maintaining CO-Q10, liver and pancreatin only. I have added germanium, melatonin supplements and cimetidine drug as part of the therapy. I have also decided to add the following off label drugs into my therapy namely ibandronate, cyclophosphamine and IL-2 (Interleukin-2). As such, I will postpone my visit to German for the hyperthermia therapy for the time being. The cyclophosphamine drug is for the metronomic chemo therapy while the ibandronate drug is for the gammadelta therapy. The gammadelta therapy and IL-2 is to enhance the immune system. The metronomic chemo therapy is not only for antitumour efficacy with very low toxicity, but also in a cell target switch, now aiming at tumour endothelial cells. There is a minor problem as I have yet to get my hands on two drugs. The IL-2 which requires special packaging to maintain the temperature of between 2°C-8°C. The source of this drug is either from China and Taiwan. The problem is how to ship the drug back home and not sure if I can get custom clearance. I have ordered the cyclophosphamine but I am not sure if I can get it or not. So it's still work in progress and need to do a lot more work before I can actually start the new therapies.

I have been coughing a little bit today and I noticed a little blood clot in my phlegm. The pain on my abdominal area and my right leg seems to be holding. I am taking a pain killer a day to help manage the pain. It's almost the end of March 2012 but healing has not shown any sign of improvement. I can only wait and cultivate my patience.

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