Sunday, March 11, 2012

Last Chance

As you know, I have depressed for quite sometime now as I am going through a very difficult period of my life. The cancer spread and all and I have not identified an appropriate treatment. Although there are a plethora of alternative therapies out there, I don't have access many of them and also the time needed to go through, then read and understand (if I can) to identify which are appropriate for me. Thanks to some readers and friends who have brought some of the therapies to my attention, it has made my search a little easier. It's from here I discovered that Hyperthermia therapy could be my last hope. And more recently, thanks to a reader from Hong Kong, she has so graciously put me into contact with her doctor in New York for consultation of my case. Not only that, she also sponsored the consultation fee for a certain number of hours for me. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Just when I am at the crossroads of my journey, don't know what to do, suddenly more  help came. Maybe I have done something good in the distant past.

I have emailed the doctor in New York whom I would called Dr. R attaching my latest treatment report from China. After reading the report, Dr. R gave me a number of recommendations to consider and the merits of the therapy. I only knew one of the recommendation and the rest of them were new to me. Dr. R has asked me to contact him in New York via Skype. What I am now doing is to read up more on his recommendations so that when I contact him, I can have a meaningful discussion. Dr. R has warned me of his "straight or blunt style to tell you whats what." I am prepared for it.

At the crossroads, I have discovered a new fork at the junction. The vehicle or therapy which I used to travel on the old road is Gerson therapy (GT) and the results of late has shown that it is not good enough for me. Dr. R has also commented that GT is not appropriate for me. Abandoning the old road for the new fork, I find myself needing to find a new vehicle or therapy to travel on. Uncharted roads are never easy to travel. Selecting the wrong vehicle i.e the therapy shall mean I will not survive the journey. I am troubled and lost. My emotions are in turmoil. And I hope with the help of Dr. R, I could quickly stand on my feet and command the vehicle to safely reach my destination.


  1. Who is dr. R????

    Why hide it?

    Many thanks to the person in hong kong

  2. Dear John,

    I will see how I do with my recommended treatments and I will disclose his name when the time is appropriate.

    Dr. R is a qualified MD and he specialises in "off label" drugs for cancer cures and also other traditional medicine such as herbs.

  3. Dear CT,

    Pls do not despair. Pls excuse me for the suggestion as given below as it may not sound scientific or the "right" thing to do in the Buddhistic way such as "bargaining" with the Bodhisattvas.Pls consider this with an open mind....

    I have come across a lady who were also given a very poor prognosis by the doctor. Being in despair and not having your determination or ways to find many other alternative treatments, she sincerely prayed to Avalokitesvara and vowed to do her best in spreading vegetarianism and healthy living if she could recover. Through trips to Taiwan and learning all about healing foods and cooking, she recovered and is walking her talk. Opened a vegetarian restaurant and passionately advocating vegetarianism.

    But then again, I do not know what else she did or has she taken any other conventional treatments. but in Buddhism, such "miracles" are not unheard of. This is due to the complexities of the karma at work as well as the spiritual energies around.

    I have also read from Dr Lai Chiu Nan's articles before that she would advise some despaired patients to do very good deeds like animal liberations and etc. and there are cases of miracle recoveries... However, there are many controversies of this practice but i believe it could be done in a responsible, wise and sincere manner. The blogger of this site did it in Port Klang...

    My mom has personally come across genuinely good and kind buddhists doing it in Sg and swearing by the effects of it...

    I am not sure if you as a "scientific" Buddhist would believe in such stories... but since there is no harm done, perhaps you could consider it?