Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seeing Things As They Are

I was rather busy today. Woke up rather early this morning at about 5am but I was still sleepy. Finally got out of bed half an hour later. My brother came over at 5.50am. We headed over to the graveyard about 30km away. We reached my grandfather's grave at about 6.15am. It was rather dark and we had to use the torchlight. I look around and not a soul in sight other than my family. Your mind can run wild and start imagining. My grandfather's graveyard area is the old type (more than 100 years old), so it can give you the eerie feeling. All the horror movies that I watched starts to come into play. But then I told myself. I didn't kill anyone why should I be afraid? Furthermore, it's my grandfather's grave, I should feel safe. But it's also inevitable that I think about death when at this kind of place. I am always aware of death.

In a 2009 study at the University of Missouri, the researches tested the interplay between death awareness and the value placed on life. Specifically, they applied the scarcity principle (that when something is perceived as more rare, it rises in value) to hypothesize that death awareness should heighten the value of life by heightening awareness of life's scarcity. Three studies were undertaken. The results of the studies suggest that the value given to life is intricately linked to thoughts of death. When people value life more, death thoughts are higher. And, when people are thinking about death, they believe life is more meaningful.

I think death awareness does not come automatically to all cancer patients. This is because after the initial cancer diagnosis, some patients sink into depression and don't recover. I believe those cancer patients who has embraced and accepted the cancer as part of their life then their life will be much happier and also more positive most of the time. I also believe there are many cancer patients like me and many more happier than me. Accepted and make the best out of it. With this death awareness, we then try to make the best out of out life. Do something meaningful. Isn't that a very good quality of life?

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  1. I am not a religious person, nor do I believe in gods. But in the last year I have come across better and more hopeful explanations about what might happen after death. Look into Dr Moody, Life after Life and many others that talk about near death experiences. Youtube is a great place to start. It will give you comfort if you believe this is a likely explanation. Comfort in terms of the ones that have gone before you and for yourself when it's time. I know cancer death is always untimely, I had that scare myself..