Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally, Some Gain

Yesterday, I took a weigh of myself and noted that I have gained weight. I now weigh 65.8kgs, a gain of 3.8kgs. Wow, that's unprecedented gain since my cancer journey. Gaining weight is a good sign. I started taking legumes, lentils and sprouted bread as part of my plan to gain back some weight and it seems to be working. These foods are not recommended in the Gerson therapy. However, having said that, the doctor at Gerson Clinic told me that it is important to watch the body weight so that it don't go below 50kgs for an average adult. For me, I think it's 60kgs due to my heavy bones makeup. The doctor recommends taking of legumes for such cases. So I am not sure if there will be a price to be paid for the weight gain. The area I wanted to gain most weight is my butt but it's not happening. It's painful for me to sit, even on a cushion. Anyway, I quite comfortable to weigh around 65kgs which is ideal for me.

I have run out of imported organic coffee and currently using locally grown organic coffee to prepare my coffee enema solution. The quality is not so good. The roast is very light and so the coffee enema solution is light brown in color. Yesterday, I noticed that my afternoon enema discharge was black in color. Normally, it would be at most dark brown in color. So something is being discharged from my body.

I have also been taking another supplement for about 6 months now called Minyak Buah Merah (in English, Red Fruit Oil). This supplement is from Indonesia and thanks to my friends, they have arranged constant supply for me.


  1. Feel good for you to gain weight, me too trying to maintain weight not lower than 60Kgs.

  2. Dear SK,

    Thanks. Since you are not a vegan, it's much easier to gain weight. Hang in there friend.

    You don't want to experience the full side effects of chemotherapy and it does not mean you will recover faster when you experienced it. In fact many patients take herbs to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

  3. Hi, may I know where did you get your supplies of the local organic coffee that you used for your enema?