Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life Is Short

The last few days, my main problems seem to be my pair of legs. Pain pain here and pain pain there. The massage on Thursday was quite good. It helped to ease some pain and after resting my legs, it's much better now.

I am also experiencing some cough and irregular heartbeat. Been doing some deep breathing exercises to regulate my breathing and also increase the oxygen intake into the body. Otherwise, things look good.

I finally managed to get rid of my problematic car to a used car dealer. I have advertised to sell the car directly for over two weeks but no takers. I will be driving another old car. Come next week, I hope to get some acupuncture treatment before my acupuncturist closes for the Muslim EID ul-Fitr holidays for 3 days.

My ex-colleague Jennifer called me last Thursday and we spent sometime catching up. I have not spoken to her for I think 5 years now. Most of my ex-colleagues in the Finance Department knows of my condition. However, when I asked her about how CW was doing and she told me, "I don't think I should tell you. You may get upset". I think it was something bad, like not another one getting cancer or some serious disease. I told her I can take any bad news, so tell me. She said he passed away about two weeks ago in his sleep. He was in his forties, leaving behind wife and 3 kids, the youngest being 2 years old. Jennifer said she did not ask the wife the caused of death. Later, Jennifer told me that CW is quite fit and spends a lot of time jogging. This is definitely a surprise. I remember CW to be quite tall, slim, athletic and not the sickly type. Then again, accountants are always under constant stress and work pressure.

I remember another ex-colleague some 10 years back in the same department, as he was getting ready to leave home for work one morning. Suddenly, he suffered a black out and then collapsed. Apparently, he suffered a mild stroke. After he recovered, he made the decision to quit his job and went for something less stressful.

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