Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Of Both Worlds

Yesterday, I was going through some old files and I came across my blood test and full body check-up report that I did on 29 August 2006. At that time, the report said my lungs were clear. However, when I looked at the blood test results, I noted even then, my GGT levels were already elevated at 329 (normal range is 10-71). It was the only reading that was out of the norm. When you do a blood test (in my case , it was for work permit), do not conclude everything is in order even if only one reading was out of the norm. What I saw was the overall report by my doctor who certified that I am healthy (not exactly in those words). I am not trying to blame the doctor who examined me for what has happened to me. If only I did a little more to find out more about that abnormal GGT reading, the outcome today would be different. What I am trying to say is this. I should take more responsibility for my own health. While not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, I think it worth while investigating more about any abnormalities you find in your tests.

Best Of Both Worlds
One of the things I discovered after attending Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) class is that a lot of my understanding about TCM are from heresay. Some are facts but mostly fiction. For example, the classic TCM and allopathic medicine cannot mix. If you talk to the allopathic trained doctors about mixing allopathic medicine and TCM, then you are just barking at the wrong tree. Of course, I also know of some exceptions, allopathic doctors that also prescribed TCM at the same time.

I am now more aware about TCM and its developments. At least I don't assume like in the past. I know who and where to check. Do you know there are so many well trained Westerners in TCM and that many books on TCM in Mandarin are written by them (and later translated into English)? Let me quote you just one example from the book Blood Stasis, China's Classical Concept in Modern Medicine by Gunter R Need. On page 14 of the book, Gunter wrote:

In the republic of China, million of pounds are invested yearly in pharmaceutical and clinical research. The three leading areas of research in medicine, established by the government 40 years ago are:

  • TCM, the effectiveness of which can be explained step by step by modern scientific methods, regarding both acupuncture and herbal medicine.
  • Western conventional medicine; different from our system, this frequently corresponds to and overlaps with the other two areas of medicine.
  • Integrated medicine (Zhong Xi Yi He Jie) objectively applies methods fro both the above disciplines to find the ideal treatment for the particular type of disease. It is truly a 'holistic' medicine, and chooses the most pragmatic way, without following any dogma.

Empower yourself. If you need to read about TCM books in English, a good library to join is the International Medical College, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Yeong for this tip.

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