Monday, August 8, 2011

It Comes In Pairs

I have been experiencing slightly more pain of later and according to my holistic doctor, this is due to the healing reaction of the herbal and vibrational medicine pills that I am taking. I am feeling a bit tired. Although I have been sleeping much better these days, I am still tired and get up late on most days.

This afternoon just before lunch, my stomach was feeling unwell. I also felt tired and took a short nap. After napping, I felt much better and had my lunch. My digestion is not very good of late. Yesterday just before dinner, I had the same problem.

Today, I am feeling a little lack of energy. My car is also giving me some problems of late. Looks like I got to trade in the car and buy another one. Can't do the same for my pair of legs.

How To Grow Sabah Snake Grass
Readers have been writing to me every now and then on where to buy Sabah Snake Grass (SSG). Although my blog does contain a link in the archives on where to buy SSG, I have added a new permanent picture link so that readers can just click on the picture to get the information that they required easily.

The price of SSG has been going up steadily. I have seen advertisements in selling SSG for RM50 per 500 leaves. A stage 4 cancer patient requires between 400 to 600 leaves a day and that would mean RM40-RM60 a day. This translates to RM1,200 to RM1,800 per month just on SSG consumption. As demand exceeds supply, the price may go up further. Prices at the Seremban farm is now at RM25 per 500 leaves.

When you are buying SSG at the farm, I would suggest that you buy about 20 SSG plants. SSG is very easy to plant. After about 5 weeks, you can have your first harvest. When the branches grow bigger, cut them off and plant more. If space is a problem, plant on pots. Just cut of the branches and plant. It's that simple. Even small shoot with a little branch will also do. See picture on left for examples of what is suitable to be planted. Just remember to water them regularly.

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