Monday, August 22, 2011

A Great Start

The back pain is continuing to give me some problems. It's giving me some difficulty after I slept for a period of time, possible due to the weight of my body pressing against the back. My physical energy levels are still low. Last Saturday, I was carrying about 2kgs of books up on two flights of stairs. I was exhausted after that. Otherwise, I am feeling quite good. Hopefully, internally is a mirror reflection of the exterior, no white ant activities.

I am meeting the 28 year old guy which I mentioned yesterday this evening. He called me last evening to make the appointment. He said he started changing his diet and is feeling very hungry. This is quite normal in the beginning. I made some suggestions on what he can take in between meals. He would like to find out more about my diet this evening. I have printed some materials for him. He seems very eager to help himself and I am only pleased to provide the information that he needs. It's a great start for him.

Maybe I can convince him to take coffee enema?

Dr Gerson did a famous experiment with two rats. One rat had bone cancer and the other rat was completely healthy. He connected up the arteries and veins of both rats so the blood of the healthy rat ran through the sick rat and vice versa.

The outcome was spectacular. Instead of the healthy rat catching the cancer as you might think, the reverse happened and the sick rat was completely healed.

This proved outright that with a healthy immune system, even cancer will be defeated. And the major organ that he focused upon to tune up the immune system was the liver -- which is the chemical factory of the body.

A Note About My Diet - Part 1
There are many alternative therapies out there but for me, I am biased towards Gerson therapy. It's one of the therapy I am well versed and it's also the therapy that is keeping me alive. The two most important aspects of the Gerson approach to healing are freshness and purity. All of the foods ingested on the Gerson Therapy must be fresh, organically or biologically grown, and consumed in their most natural form. While many patients have used appropriate, compatible additions or adjuncts to the diet that have helped their healing process, there are many others who have failed to heal because they made too many “minor modifications” to the Gerson Therapy protocol. The Gerson Therapy has been shown to be successful in achieving remission and cure in many different diseases when used as directed; modifications may or may not affect the outcome of your particular condition, but significant alteration without medical advice from someone knowledgeable about the biochemical basis of the Gerson approach may reduce one’s chances for recovery.

Some of the permitted foods that I take are (please click to enlarge):

Tomorrow, I will continue with the prohibited foods.


  1. Interesting...about Dr.Gerson's focus on the liver!
    Are you still taking the B12+liver injections?

    I was reading about Walter Breuning...a supercentenarian who lived to almost 115 (even though he smoked cigars). In some of his interviews, he said his favorite food was liver; and that when he was a child his mother would have him pick greens in the yard for salads...which included dandelion greens known to be good for the liver.

    Also wondering if you take aspirin...when your legs are hurting? I think, I read in your posts, that the blood in your legs was very dark and thick. I think...not sure?, Aspirin is allowed in the Gerson Therapy for treatment of migraine headaches. Aspirin is said to alkalize the body and thin the blood. If you can take aspirin, it may help with your restless legs.

    I enjoy your posts very much!

  2. Currently, I have stopped taking the B12+liver injections. Once my legs problem are resolved, I will resume.

    I am arranging for an x-ray scan on my pelvis and back area this week. Once the scan results are out, I will then plan for the next course of action.

    Thanks for your encouragement and support.