Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crude Awakening

For the last two days, I was awoken from my sleep at about 5am by back pain. Otherwise, the sleep was good. My sleeping pattern changed since I had the insomnia problem in May this year. Prior to May, I use to sleep between 11pm and 12 midnight and was able to get up at 6am. But since May, I have been getting up past 9am even if I can sleep at 11pm. I seem to be very tired and wants to continue to sleep. Well, I would like to continue to sleep but at the same time, I have to get up to do my therapy, such as morning enema and juicing.

Prime Of Life - Crude Awakening
Yesterday morning, I received a call from a young man. At 28, he was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer in June 2011. The cancer has spread to the lungs and the bones. From my conversation with him, he said the doctor said it is very difficult to treat such cases but have not spoken to him about any treatment option. I suggested to him to talk to his doctor to find out what treatment options are available to him. I also suggested that he find out the following from his doctor:

1. What type of chemo drugs will be administered to him?
2. Will the chemotherapy be able to cure or just lengthen his life if so, by how long?
3. How many patients with similar condition as him has recovered? More specifically, how many died?

The reason for asking question one is so that he can do some research on how effective the chemo drug and what are the side effects and how the side effects will affect his immune system and his quality of life. The second question will enable him to weigh the benefits of the therapy against the risks and side effects of the therapy, whether it is worth to take the therapy. The third question is to find out statistically, how successful the therapy is.

At this juncture, I would like to share some of what Lothar Hirneise (author of Chemotherapy Heals cancer and The Earth Is Flat) has to say about chemotherapy used in the treatment of laryngeal carcinoma (throat cancer). Usually patients are offered a sole chemotherapy with cisplatin, carboplatin (both have the most serious side effects), 5-FU or mitomycin, or they are offered a combination of the previously-cited preparations. Every doctor who recommends chemotherapy to his patients, should either justify in writing, that the chemotherapy he uses has demonstrated success relative to extension of life (not reduction of the tumor!) or he should make it clear to his patients that the measure is being employed for palliative purposes. He further wrote, "Although to this date there is not a single study that can demonstrate a significant extension of life through a chemotherapy (combination), this therapy is still being offered to patients."

Anyway, I reminded him that to your doctor, you are just another patient. The doctors are trained to recommend what the pharmaceutical companies tells them. If it is successful, well good. One oncologist said, getting a cure is like striking a jackpot. But for you I continued, it's a life lost and since this is YOUR LIFE, don't you want to take full responsibility for your own life?

I also suggested that he reads up on alternative therapy since his doctor has given such a poor prognosis. I gave him a few therapies to consider. I told him, I am unable to decide for him. I can provide clarification or guidance but the decision of what therapy to take must come from him. Once the therapy is chosen, especially the alternative therapy, I will be able to guide and help him to the appropriate resources.

Meanwhile, I suggested to him to control his diet, if possible go vegetarian. Stay away from sugar (foods and fruits that are sweet), oil (except Flax seed oil), diary products and soy products. This will help to control the tumor growth. As it is now, he is having pain around the chest area.


  1. I recommend

    Rife therapy, starting with Nenah Sylver website for the frequencies and the links. buy her book. she is the number one rife doctor. the links will direct to places on to where to buy rife products, it's not cheap to buy the equipment. One can be made from car ignition coils and a transitor and noble gas tube.

    Then doctor Hulda Clarks website and get the books, all are downloadable except the one releashed in 2007.

    And follow what CT said about diet.

    Read , Read and more reading to know about cancer and how modern medicine does not really work in the long term.

    Take control of your sickness. Don't give your life to the doctors to heal you.

  2. I forgot to add about making a rife machine is a frequency machine able to go from 10,000 Hertz to 100,000. These frequencies need to go onto a carrier wave(modulated) at 3.1MHz, BX virus is 21,275Hz

  3. Dear Chang,

    Can you recommend the holistic dental clinic that can remove amalgam fillings and do mercury-free fillings as well as root canal treatment?

    I came across one of your entries that have the link but forgot which entry.


  4. Avoid FLAXSEED oil as it causes the stomach and the lower abdomen to BLOAT. It's toxic, a paint remover with pungent smell.

  5. Hi Ct

    Need to consult you.Does oil like olive and coconut oil causes cancer? Does soya bean causes cancer?

  6. Dear Audrey,

    Please drop me a email ( and I will give you the name and contact number of the dentist in Kuala Lumpur.

  7. Dear Anonymous @ 2.06pm,

    I would suggest that you read Dr Max Gerson's book A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases to better understand why some foods are avoided.