Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gerson Plus Therapy

Yesterday evening, I had a chat with my holistic doctor about the medication that he gave me. I told him that I have been experiencing coughing after taking the medication. He said this is a healing reaction as the medication try to expel pathogens from the lungs. I have also been feeling more pain of late especially on my back area and he also said that this is also another healing reaction. I have also been feeling unwell and he said these are all good signs.

Yesterday, I met a young couple, in the early thirties through the recommendation of a friend of mine. The couple had a two year old child. The wife is stage 4 colon cancer patient. She underwent colon surgery and thereafter several rounds of chemotherapy. Despite all the treatment and not to mentioned the money spent, the doctor will say "There is nothing more we can do". Suddenly, alternative medicine which was never given a thought in the first place, seems to be the only hope. A body severely weakened by surgery and poisoned by chemotherapy now depends on alternative treatment to rebuild (a) the weakened body, (b) rebuild compromised immune system, (c) remove the poisons caused by chemo and (d) then regain the health back.

I hope you don't misunderstand me, I am not lecturing the couple but to share one lesson that can be learned. I have met so many of such cancer patients so much so history keeps repeating itself. I just want to say, don't just consider conventional treatment as the only option. Please consider alternative therapy as well before making the final decision.

Gerson Plus Therapy
I accidentally stumbled upon this cancer therapy while searching for something else on the Internet. What attracted me was that it contains the key word "Gerson" and I wonder what Gerson Plus Therapy (GPT) really meant? Although I am a Gerson Therapy (GT) user, I am by no means a qualified therapist on GT. What I did do was to follow Dr Gerson's therapy according to his original book, A Cancer Therapy - Results of 50 cases which was published in 1958. Subsequently, my stay at Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico in 2010, I believe the therapy has not changed very much (save for some changes in supplements) from what is written in Dr Gerson's book. I stand corrected of course. I am happy that some doctors have decided to continue on Dr Max Gerson's work and continue to enhance the therapy.

GTP is primarily based on GT but due to advances in medical sciences, new therapies are added to the GT.

GTP includes the following key components:

Full Gerson’s Diet Therapy:
  • 13 Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices 
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Abundance of fresh fruit Fresh juices
  • Extreme salt restriction 
  • Extreme fat restriction
  • Calorie restriction 
  • Fluid forcing
  • Animal protein restriction 
  • Nutrient Hyperalimentation
  • Acceleration of metabolism 
  • Potassium compound - oral
  • Pancreas enzymes – oral 
  • Acidol
  • CoQ10 – oral 
  • Vitamin E - oral
  • Niacin – oral 
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Liver capsules 
  • Thyroid - oral
  • Vitamin C – oral 
  • Lugol’s solution
  • Liver/B12 injections
  • Enemas of coffee and/or chamomile tea
  • Castor oil days Castor oil packs
  • Clay packs Herbal teas

Additions to the Full Gerson Therapy
  • Complete enzyme therapy
  • Daily PolyMVA
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Daily Nursing Care
  • Complete Lab testing with chemistry profiles
  • Daily Medical Consultations
  • Somatometric Measurements
  • Optional Companion Room and Board

Additional Supportive Therapies Include:
  • Autologous Cell Vaccine
  • Govallo Therapy
  • Coley’s Mixed Bacterial Vaccines
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dental Toxin Review
  • Pain Control
  • Danoupolis Oral/Rectal or Rogers I.V./Intertumoral Urea w/Creatine
  • Stress Management
  • Surgical Intervention
  • I.V. Polarizing (GKI) solution
  • X-ray, Ultrasound, CAT or MRI
  • Treatment for Heavy Metals
  • Shark Cartilage Oral/Rectal/I.V.
  • Chemotherapy Radiation Therapy
  • Immunology Therapy I.V.
  • Vitamin C Infusions
  • Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation I.V.
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Autohemotherapy
  • Hydrazine Sulfate, Oral, IV
  • Laetril (IV, Oral or Rectal)
  • Oncological Assessment
  • Neural Therapy
  • Tumor Markers
  • Kalima or Colonic Therapy
  • Additional Therapies as Required has classified GT as a dated therapy and one of the main reason I believe is that modern scientific discoveries have not found their way into the Gerson protocol. Some doctors recognised the effectiveness of GT and decided to enhance the therapy by adding new discoveries to GT, to make it a better choice. All additional components are not automatically given to patients and will depend on the condition of the patient.

The GTP is administered by Baja Health & Wellness Center in Tijuana, Mexico and you can read more details here.


  1. Just by reading the book by Dr. Gerson he would add things to the therapy as they came along. Sometimes to the opposite effect. For example, when he added hormines, it seemed to be working then by 8 months those patients started to died.

    Dr Gerson had a go.

  2. Dear John,

    Yes, if you read his book, he lost quite a few patients in the process of developing Gerson Therapy (GT) since the 1920s. He published his book about 30 years later by which time he got most of the things right based on the technology then. But when he died in 1959, the core of therapy has remained as it is till today. Unfortunately, no one has officially continued to improve on his work.

    I know of a few patients that underwent GT at Gerson Clinic but did not respond. What are their options? They abandoned the therapy and tried something else. I believe GTP is a step in the right direction.