Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Counting The Sheeps, No?

Last night, I just could not sleep. I was not sleepy and it's not due to my restless legs or pain. My mind was quite active and could not calm down. I was also feeling hungry, so I cooked some noodles at 2am. I watched some TV and still no sing of being sleepy. Then I thought why not finished the Chinese costume movie directed by Tsui Hark called Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame which the director is making a special release for the Western audiences. It starts Andy Lau and Carina Lau among others. The Mandarin movie released in 2010 is an epic mystery film that is a fictional account of Di Renjie, one of the most celebrated officials of the Tang Dynasty.

After four sessions of acupuncture therapy, my legs feels better. The restless legs problem has improved. In fact my right leg that has being limping previously is very much better now. My left leg seems to be more painful than the right leg. I will go for more intensive acupuncture sessions.

Did I mentioned that since I started the Gerson therapy, my sinustitis that has been plaguing me since I was 10 years old is now cleared? It really feels good with a clear nose. I thought I would never have it cured. Next is my tinnitus using TCM.

Pilgrimage To India 2 Update
Time sort of files. We booked our plane tickets in March and now it's time to start booking the train tickets. Getting the train tickets are very crucial to ensure the success of the trip even though the trip is three and a half months away. Some of the routes are so popular that tickets are sold out immediately upon being made available. So I am doing a daily check. This time round, I am starting from and ending in New Delhi. Trains is the most convenient and safest transport to travel between cities. Once I complete the booking, I will publish details of my itinerary. This is a 11 days backpackers trip, no nice coaches waiting and self guided tour. We will be using public transport most of the time. Except for New Delhi and Varanasi where we will be staying in hotels, all the other Buddhist sites, we will be staying at the temples or monasteries. So everything is very basic.

Since my friend, Vishuddi started the backpackers style for the Buddhist pilgrimage in 2009, there are more and more people going, as words started spreading around. Besides my group of 8 traveling in November, there will be another larger group going in December 2011 using about the same itinerary. And why not? The cost of doing such a Buddhist pilgrimage is about 50% cheaper than the guided versions. Now the whole family can go for pilgrimage. Cost per pax for such trips is budgeted around RM2,800 (US$933) all inclusive (flight and train tickets, transport, food, accommodation and sightseeing). The costs were only RM1,800 (US$600) per pax in 2009 for a 9 days trip.

I find India very fascinating and will be making more trips there in the future.

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