Sunday, August 14, 2011

Relief After Pain

Yesterday, my pair of legs was really giving me problems and I went for a massage. I told my massuer to concentrate on my pair of legs. My right legs, the pain is from the butt down to the knee joint. My left leg, the pain is from the side of the thigh to the leg. It's was one of those painful massage. My massuer told me that she only used very light strength. She said the pain points are around the strategic meridian points. In addition, my massuer also did some cupping on my back and on my butt. Anyway, the massage though painful was good. I was much relaxed after that. I managed to sleep at past 11pm last night and only woke up 9.30am this morning. I must be very tired. I will go for a follow-up massage today.

I also noticed that since Friday, I have symptoms of dyspnea. I have not been sleeping well for the past week. Last Thursday, my holistic doctor did a quick examination on me and told me I have arrhythmia symptoms. Both these relates to my breathing difficulties. I find I have to make an effort to breath normally. I have been practicing a lot more block breathing as well. My qigong sifu told me that if I practice block breathing at least three times a day, I would noticed fundamental changes to my body.

Bill Of Rights
Sometimes, I forget to treat myself better. During my discussion with my hypnotherapist, she asked me if I knew about my Bill of Rights. Well, I have heard of it but do not know the full details. These are the rights:

1. I have the right to ask for what I want ( recognizing that other people have the right to say no ).
2. I have the right to have my own opinions, views and ideas and to express them appropriately.
3. I have the right to have needs and wants ( that may be different from others ).
4. I have the right to say 'yes' and 'no' without feeling guilty.
5. I have the right to have feelings and express them assertively in appropriate situations.
6. I have the right to change.
7. I have the right to say ' i don't know' and ' i don't understand' .
8. I have the right to decline responsibility for the other people's problems.
9. I have the right to be respected.
10. I have the right to make mistakes.
11. I have the right to be myself ( to be different from what others are, or want me to be, or do ).
12. I have the right to have others respect my rights.
13. I have the right to choose not to exercise my rights.

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  1. Chance upon your blog and thanks for the sharing.

    With equanimity, life is neither about pleasant and unpleasant. Understanding this life and its impermanence would be our practice.

    May you be well and happy always.

    All the best in your journey with the Three Jewels.