Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Just Procedurial

Yesterday just before dinner, I was feeling unwell again. Besides my stomach, I was feeling a little feverish too. The pain on my head was also bad. I felt so tired that I thought I would just lie down to rest. I have been feeling very tired these days after dinner time and I don't know why.

I went to Employees Provident Fund (EPF) just before lunch today to submit some forms to withdraw funds from my account. I need the cash to continue to fund my therapy. I was given a ticket number and told to get my documents sorted and checked before I can submit for processing. I made a mistake of filling up the form using blue ink. So the officer told me to get another form and fill in using black ink. And I did but I had to wait for more than 1 over hour before I manage to see the same officer to recheck my documents. After checking, I was asked to go and get another ticket number this time for submission to the processing officer in another counter (why can't they route the same ticket number?). When my turn came, the officer rechecked all the documents and then asked me to wait for a while and went to the back office looking for his supervisor. He came back and said the report from Selayang Hospital was not signed by a Consultant Urologist. I was given two options of either going the see two doctors in EPF's panel of doctors or go back to Selayang Hospital and get the Consultant Urologist to sign the report. I wasted over 3 hours going to EPF just to be told the report must be signed by a specialist. Why not indicate on the form that it has to be signed by the specialist? By the way, it took me about one month before I could get my report from Selayang Hospital. Now I have to go back to Selayang Hospital to get the specialist to sign. Not sure how long I have to wait because the department in charge is the Records Department. I can't go directly to see the specialist.

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