Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When It Pain, It Roars

I slept rather well last night and woke up to a day of beautiful sunshine. Today is also a state holiday in Selangor. So by right, I should feel on top of the world with the holiday mood and all. After my morning enema, I went about town doing some errands. Later on the way back home, as I was passing Old Town, I thought I would visit my acupuncturist for treatment at 11am but even he is on leave today. By lunch time, the pain on my both thighs (shown as the red line on the picture) was becoming a little unbearable. Some medicated oil and a massage on both the thighs brought some relief. The pain on my thighs is more painful than the pain caused by my tumors. I need to quickly get some x-rays and then go and see the orthopedic specialist and see what he or she has to say.

The thing about the thigh pain is that even when I do a hard cough, I can feel the pull on the nerves of the right thigh. I have been coughing off and on and most likely it's due to the herbal and vibrational medicine prescribed by my herbalist doctor. This is because I only had this cough after taking the medication. I still have about another two weeks supply of medication before I am due to a follow-up consultation.

A friend dropped me an email telling me about a health farm in Ipoh. She asked me if this is the same herbal doctor that I am consulting. I replied yes. The last time I was at his clinic, I did not take the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas behind the clinic. His clinic is located far away from the main road in a wooded area. Along the way to the clinic, I can see other orchards, mainly growing pomelos. I believe his clinic is also part of the health farm.

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