Friday, August 26, 2011

Traditional Chinese Medicine Course

I would like to inform you that the KL ACADEMY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE will be conducting a one year course called Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine in English. This course is based on the “Unified TCM curriculum for foreign students” in China, giving students a brief but concise knowledge on the practice of TCM. This is not a professional program due to short lecturing hours (120 hours versus over 3000 hours for the TCM degree course).

Fundamentals of TCM in English Course Structure
(A) Fundamentals theories of TCM
(B) Diagnosis of TCM
(C) Chinese Materia Medica
(D) Formularies of TCM
(E) TCM Internal Medicine
(F) TCM Gynecology
(G) Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Course materials from:
Nanjing University of TCM; Shanghai University of TCM
National Planned University Textbooks for International TCM Education
National Planned Textbooks for Colleges & Universities
National Higher Medical Textbook Research Society

Commencing date: 9th Sept 2011 (Friday)
Time : 40 weeks x Friday (7.00 pm ~ 10 pm)
Tuition fees : 2 x RM 800 (per 20 weeks)

138-140, Jalan Petaling,
50000, Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-20265273
Contact Ms Beh 016-6507929


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