Friday, August 19, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Currently, the pain on my right thigh and pelvic area is giving me a lot of pain and also causing me to walk with a limp. I have scheduled the x-ray scan this coming Monday and see what's causing the pain and then see what can be done. Otherwise, I am good. Being sleeping slightly better these days.

This morning, I got up a little early to begin my day starting with the morning enema. The reason is that I have to go to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to submit my withdrawal form. Everything was smooth, after a short wait, it was my turn with the processing officer. She was curious about my cancer treatment because one of her relative has been diagnosed with liver cancer and asked me what treatment I took. She was keen about Gerson Clinic in Mexico. I gave her Gerson Institute's website and also my email in case she wanted to have more information about Gerson Therapy. After completely processing my form, she gave me an acknowledged form with the remarks: Cubaan Pertama - LULUS (in English, First Try - PASSED). She immediately directed me to the next counter for an interview. Her supervisor then came and asked me a series of questions about my cancer, my condition, my alternative treatment (had to explain that conventional treatment was not effective), my former employer and whether I submitted an application to Social Security (SOCSO) for invalidity payments. I wonder if my application for withdrawal will be approved because I looked normal and not like a sickly stage 4 cancer patient.

Cancer treatment is expensive, whether doing conventional or alternative. But I feel alternative offers better hope for me. Conventional treatment only target the cancer treatment. Every medication is designed to kill the cancer cells directly. No cancer cells = Cured. Nothing is done to improve the immune system, in fact the immune system is being destroyed in the process. Normally, it also does not involve in changes to lifestyle, in particular diet. Hence, relapses are common. Alternative therapy like the one I am taking takes a different approach. Instead of attacking the cancer cells directly, the therapy heals the immune system through nutrition and supplements. It takes a longer time. The immune system then fights the cancer cells. When the body is completely healed, the body is ready to defend itself from future attacks. A change in lifestyle and healthy diet are expected.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to collect my TCM book on formulas for this coming Saturday's class from Khadijah. She told me that last week, she meet three child cancer patients (ages 11, 12 and 13). She said she gave my contact to one of the caregivers in case they want to explore other alternative treatments. I feel extremely sad when I hear about children getting cancer. I just wonder how are these young kids are going to cope with this disease? At the other extreme, we have older folks. Later in the evening, a reader contacted me through the phone and asked me for some advice on her 80 year old mother's throat cancer. I spoke to my hypnotherapist at 8pm. At the end of the conversation, she gave me a new mission. That is to stay alive and to help other cancer patients. She said, it's not easy to achieve a 2 year survival milestone just rely purely on alternative therapy.

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