Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little At A Time

This morning, the weather was sort of cloudy and then it started to rain. I have to rush to town to do an errand and surprisingly, the traffic condition was smooth, even in the city center.

My restless legs problem has subsided, only pain around my right thigh and the pelvic area. I am also able to sleep though not as early as I want. OK, some back pain is lingering. Otherwise, everything else is routine. This is good.

The First Step Is The Most Difficult
I met the young man yesterday evening. He is quite handsome, slim and quite tall. He brought his Thai wife along. He told me he will not be taking any conventional treatment such as chemotherapy except that he will be going for a laser treatment to address a tumor problem on his back which has been causing him difficulty in walking. He now walks with the assistance of a foldable walking frame. It is also painful on the chest area when he coughs. I remember I had similar problems in my early days of my cancer. After about four months into the Gerson Therapy, the pain went away and I was able to cough normally. I told him he could get the same outcome if he followed the Gerson diet. I am trying to slowly ease him into the diet and later therapy, not wanting to frighten him. I purposely arranged the meeting at an organic restaurant so that I can show him what are some of the vegetables that he can use for juicing, making salads and for cooking. A picture paints a thousand words.

Anyway, his spirits are high and he has a strong will and believe that this diet would be able to help him. He wants to regain back his health and have started following part of the Gerson diet that I have introduced to him earlier. I am very happy that he can stomach the strict Gerson diet. I will introduce the rest of the Gerson therapy to him as time progresses. Previously, I just told the patient the full Gerson therapy at a go and they seems to be overwhelmed with so many things to do.

He also complained to me of body pains. I took the opportunity to introduce him coffee enema and how it detox the body. Coffee enema is also good in reducing body pains. I gave him a list of items and where to buy the items to start the enema.

I showed him one of my weekend meals that I cooked. It takes a little bit more work but no salt, no sugar, no oil and no soy sauce meal can also taste good. It can be made dried or soupy form.

Actually, I did not have to show him for he has been convinced after seeing me in person. I guess a living example is good testimony. I know when a cancer patient has rejected conventional therapy, the patient can feel a sense of loss of security. A doctor can give the patient confidence about the therapy but in this case he is now alone. Based on my own personal experience, there is nothing more reassuring when someone who has been on the same journey is there to hold and guide you.

A Note About My Diet - Part 2

Patients new to the Gerson Therapy often comment that Gerson’s list of prohibited foods is much longer and more restrictive than other “natural” or “holistic” approaches to healing and wellness. The Gerson approach looks at everything that goes into, or on, the body as important to the healing process. It is through this attention to detail that we are able to accomplish healing even in some extremely advanced cases, or in diseases that are otherwise not curable.

Occasionally Allowed and Prohibited Foods (please click to enlarge):

The following is an explanation for some of the foods on the Prohibited List.

Salt and Sodium
Salt and sodium in all forms, including table salt, sea salt, celery salt, vegetable salt, Bragg Aminos, tamari, soy sauce, “lite salt”, baking soda, Epsom salts, sodium-based baking powders, and anything with “sodium” in its name, as well as salt substitutes.

Oils and Fats
Oils and fats, and any foods that contain them. This includes corn oils, olive oils, canola oils, and all other vegetable oils except flax-seed oil as specifically prescribed; butter, cheese, cream and other dairy fats; all animal fats; all margarines or oil-based spreads; coconuts and avocado; all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils; Olean, Olestra or other “fat substitutes”; nut butters; and any other source of dietary fats, except as naturally occurring in allowed foods.

Proteins and High-Protein Foods
Proteins and high-protein foods, such as meats, seafood, and other animal proteins; nuts and seeds; soy or other legume-based food products; all protein powders or supplements, including barley or spirulina and chlorella, unless specifically used when prescribed for protein supplementation.

For more detailed explanation, you can download a copy of the Gerson Diet here.

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