Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painful Holidays

Yesterday, I went for a massage just before lunch. The massage was quite good. It managed to reduce the pain somewhat. My masseur told me that she has used very light strength to massage me. Still it was quite painful during the massage, especially on my right thigh and butt area. However, by 3pm, the pain returned and those areas massaged felt very tender and painful to touch. Subsequently, I visited Khadijah and Yeong for the Eid celebrations. Khadijah has prepared some healthy foods and I took some pasta. It was really good but I had to restrict my portions because she had used some oil and a little sea salt. Yeong noticed that I was walking with a limp and I told him that it was rather painful to walk. He then suggested that I try taking the CaCare pain tea. I told him I would probably know what to do after taking the x-ray scan on my pelvic area.

Later in the afternoon I called Yeong and said I will take up his suggestion to take the TCM pain tea. I was in pain and thinking why not just try the natural pain killer. He then gave me 3 packs of pain tea (each pack contains enough herbs for 7 decoctions) as a gift. I am really grateful and thankful for his kind gesture. I went home and started to make two bowls of pain tea to take for the rest of the day. After dinner, I took my first bowl and took the second bowl just before I retired to bed.

I got out of bed at 3am this morning because of the pain around my right thigh and knee cap area. I did some massage and also watched TV for a while and went back to bed at around 4am. That massage helped and I dosed off to sleep waking up at 9.30am this morning. I am not sure if this was due to the pain tea, my legs felt less painful this morning. Anyway, I will continue taking three bowls of the pain tea today.

Pilgrimage To India 2 - Update
Phew, finally, I managed to book all the train tickets online. Now, to keep myself healthy and most importantly able to walk when November comes.

I was unable to book the original route of travel (from Sarnath to Gorakhpur) and instead used an alternative route (Varanasi to Gorakhpur) which also gave me some problems. The original route was due to online booking problems while the alternative route was due to limited seats available (even at 90 days in advance). I had no problems booking for the other routes.

I also tried to contact two agents in India to do the booking for me. The first agent said under the Indian Railways rules, they can only start booking 60 days in advance. The other agent did not even reply to my inquiry.

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