Friday, March 18, 2011

What Causes Cancer?

Yesterday I was coughing profusely. Had some blood in phlegm. I am not sure if it was due to the Red Fruit oil (RFO) that I took because that was the only extra oil I consumed. Today, I took my second dosage of RFO . Later in the evening, I notice I had rashes on the back of both my arms. Again, I am not sure if this was a side effect of RFO. Anyway, I am going to continue to taking RFO for a while and monitor my body progress.

A friend contacted me recently and said her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 gall bladder cancer. Apparently, their only hope now rests on alternative therapies and after much reading, she believe vitamin B17 is right for her mother. She wrote to me urging me to take B17 as well. I have written about B17 sometime back and when I was in Mexico, the Gerson clinic also administers B17 intravenously on some of the cancer patients. According to the resident doctor, B17 is not effective on all type of cancers such as kidney cancer. As such I was not given B17. Anyway, I thank her for her recommendation and wish her mother respond well to vitamin B17.

Causes Of Cancer
Recently, a friend sent me a link on the Theory of Cancer. I find the article by R. Webster Kehr of Independent Cancer Research Foundation rather interesting. So I though I would write something about it. The article is rather long with further sub links.

Some of the information in the article are not new, meaning the medical fraternity knew about it many many years ago but somehow did not get the prominence it deserved.

What if I tell you that cancer are cause by microbes? The microbe is highly pleomorphic, meaning it changes shapes and sizes frequently, depending mainly on the environment it is in!! According to Dr. Alan Cantwell who wrote the book Four Women Against Cancer, the microbe are found INSIDE the cancer cell. This turns out to be critical in some treatments of cancer, especially the treatments the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. is working on.

* The microscopy of micro-organisms associated with neoplasms (cancer) published in the August 1948 issue of The New York Microscopical Bullentin, Roy Allen presents illustrations of the cancer microbe ... The microbes live inside the cancer cells (intra-cellular) and outside the cancer cells (extra-cellular).

* According to Livingston and Addeo's 1984 book, "Dr. Rhoads [of Memorial Sloan-Kittering Cancer Center] was committed to chemotherapy, and well he might have been since he was head of chemical warfare during World War II. [Rhodes] tried to turn chemical warfare against the cancer cell within the human body. His big mistake was that he believed the cancer cell to be the causative agent of the disease and not the parasite within the cell. To unleash the horrors of chemical warfare and the atomic bomb in the form of chemotherapy and cobalt radiation against the hopeless victims of a microbial disease is illogical.

* More importantly, the Dillers showed that cancer germs were able to gain entrance not only into the [non-cancerous] cell (intra-cellular) [which turns the cell cancerous], but also into the nucleus of the cell. This intra-nuclear invasion meant that cancer microbes could gain access to the genes contained within the nucleus itself. This is similar to what [gene therapy does].

The above quotes explains why cancer cells frequently have DNA damage. The DNA of the cancer microbe interacts with the DNA inside the cells, just like it does in gene therapy. Orthodox medicine is well aware that the DNA of microbes can change the DNA of the cell itself because this concept is at the heart and soul of gene therapy!!

To be continued.

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