Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Worn Out

Reality is the mirror of your thoughts. Choose well what you put in front of the mirror.
Remez Sasson

This morning my mother said to me, son, you look more tired now than you were before you went to Mexico. Is it because of your travels? I am not sure what's going on but I do feel my energy levels dropping. I think my trip back from the USA has zapped my energy more than I thought it would. I seem tired these few days and have been taking naps at the expense of preparing and drinking my hourly juices. On one hand, I just needed the rests but not taking my juices means I will have less energy. Either way, I will be short of energy. I think I will make up for lack of juices later, for eg. for my 2pm juice, I will take it at 3.30pm instead. This way, I can sleep at 2pm and still have my juices. Hopefully, this would improve my energy levels.

I have been coughing a bit more lately, especially at night or when I lie down. At the same time, I note my heartbeat would slowdown and become irregular. My breathing would sometimes comes to a halt for a beat or two, causing a little heart pain. I still can't seems to cough strongly. I just don't have the energy to mount a strong cough enough to expell all the phlegm at one go. I think I am also developing tonsillitis, my throat is inflammed and a little painful. I will use the home remedy that Joanne Chee taught me, administering hydrogen peroxide on both ears. It seems to help the last time when it happened.

My stomach indigestion has caused me a lot of problems last two days, including taking in raw vegetables and also the steamed vegetables. So I made an unauthorised diet change. Yesterday, I took pumpkin brown rice porridge instead and will contine for a day or two more. Once my stomach discomfort levels are reduced, I will revert back to the normal diet.


  1. Chang,

    I believe it is the jet lag issue, sleep is one of the ways to overcome. For me it was almost one week before I adjusted back to KL time the last time I flew home from USA, so dont worry too much. You will b alright, rgds, kokpiew

  2. My friend, I see you are restless. Worry not and get some rest. There is a poem that goes...

    Cancer is limited ...

    It cannot cripple love,
    It cannot shatter hope,
    It cannot corrode faith,
    It cannot eat away peace,
    It cannot destroy confidence,
    It cannot shut out memories
    It cannot silence courage,
    It cannot invade the soul,
    It cannot reduce eternal life,
    It cannot quench the spirit,
    It cannot lessen the power
    of the Resurrection.

    Praying that you will find strength, peace and new hope.