Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be Better

This is the best day the world has ever seen. Tomorrow will be better.
R.A. Campbell

My second day here has been quite good. The food is good and I have been eating much more that the other patients. They were just amazed the amount of food helping I took. I can't help it because I would feel hungry again in two hours time. I started the full program today doing 13 juices a day. Some of the patients feel full just from the juices and can't take their lunch and dinner.

The weather is rather cold for me. At different times of the day, the weather seems to be changing between cool and cold. This makes doing the coffee enemas a little difficult, especially at night. The enema time are fixed by my doctor. So far, all my enemas are in the daytime but it will increase to five times daily which will involve early morning and at night as well. Although there is a heater in the room, the heat generated is not sufficient. So I use a blanket to help keep warm.

I took my first injection today. It was not as painful as I thought but still I have to learn how to give myself injections from Saturday onwards. I am still trying to figure out how to convince myself to inject a needle on my own butt. I understand I may have to do this for five months!

I had my first short stroll along the beach today after the 3pm juicing. It was a hot or should I say not a cold day. The waves were pounding as if venting their anger on the beach. It was quiet, a few couples were seen along the beach but the beach and street were deserted. Economic activity here seems to be centered around the US navel base nearby.

I just found out next week, with one week left before the clinic closes for the winter break, another Malaysian will be admitted to the clinic. I am looking forward to meet him. I was told that he has been to the clinic before.

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  1. Hey Chang,
    Eating a lot your weight. Are the injections the Muscle type that I hear from doctors? If it is just injecting to the muscle, can you also inject your thighs?

    I hear from a relative that initially it does feel weird having to inject oneself but after sometime, it will be okay.

    Good to read that you have proper rests and can also read in between lines that you are more relaxed there.

    Take care.

    From Bee Tin.