Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Struggling With New Routine

The basis of optimism is sheer terror.
Oscar Wilde

After visiting all the major Telcos this morning, I have decided to subscribe to P1 WIMAX for my broadband Internet access. All the packages on "promotion" are ripped-offs in terms of price, speed and fair usage but I have little choices.

Today, I woke up with stiff neck and shoulder. I was also feeling some pain around my back. I think I have not fully recovered and I have not been able to sleep well and also in between juicing. I am still having some problems with digestion. I feel like thowing out. I am rather tired and I think I will retire to bed earlier today.

Finally, I managed to connect my ebook reader called Literati that I bought in USA to the P1 WIMAX. Somehow, it would not connect to Streamyx. It just keep downloading critical security updates and many restarts. I have yet to download the first book for reading, though it comes preinstalled with a few ebooks. Having a color screen gives you a better feel but I think the downside is that the battery keeps running out very quickly. As for my Cruz 7" Andriod tablet, I have yet to explore it.

I am still struggling with my new routine. I seem to be more complacent now, not as efficient as before. My mind is a little dull. This morning I fumbled while giving myself the morning B12/Liver injection. I thought my hands would be steadier by now but I am still far from it. The juices and the lunch and dinner are too close together, so much so I have problems taking them all.

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  1. I suppose you are also struggling cos life was so relaxing for you in Mexico. And you have learned to relax. Why not continue to do what you can, the juices first and slowly build up your repertoire of lunch and dinners? Trying to simulate everything at once on your own is too much. Sounds like you are stressed.