Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Worry And Be Happy

You can give in to the failure messages and be a bitter deadbeat of excuses. Or you can choose to be happy and positive and excited about life.
A. L. Williams

After two days of warm and bright sunshine days, the weather has turned cold again this morning. Walking along the beach seems a favourate activity for me. Last Sunday, I took a late walk around the beach to catch the sunset at around 4.30pm. The weather was rather warm at that time and as the sun was setting, I can feel the temperature dropping at the same time. Within minutes, it was cold.

This phenomena reminds me of the status of my body as well. If the body is not maintained well, just like the sunset, it would deteriorate. I understand from the doctor here that the minimum weight of a patient must not fall below 100lbs (46kgs). The doctor reminds me that the minimum that I must eat/drink each day are the potatoes and Hippocrates soup. I think this has worked well for me all this while. When I came here last Monday, I weigh 67kgs and today my weight is 66.3kgs. Not too bad for me because I am used to the Gerson diet all these while. A new patient is expected to lose about 7lbs (3kgs) after starting this diet.

I managed to talk to the other Malaysian patient from Kuching and found out that he has been to the clinic about 15 months ago. His case was a cancer relapse after being in remission for about 5 years. During a routine checkup, the doctors found 3 tumors in his liver in April 2009. After a cycle of chemotherapy, his friend convinced him to do the Gerson therapy and within a month on the program, he went for another scan, his tumors in the liver disappeared. Although he could not attribute fully the recovery to the Gerson Therapy, he felt the therapy has helped him to remain cancer free for the past 19 months. He is back to the clinic for a refresher. Although not strictly required, he still continued to drink his juices and maintain a strict vegeterian diet of no salt, sugar and oil. He is impressive. Yes, it can be done. Nothing quackery about this therapy.

Last Saturday, the trip to downtown Tijuana did not materialise. So today I am joining the others for another outing this afternoon. Have not seen much of Tijuana other than the beach and surrounding areas. I have been warned that begging at tourist areas are prevalent. Someone said he felt depressed after seeing the slums during the trip.


  1. Chang,

    Bravo, as usual I always salute u for your courage and now your realisation of the need of mental approach to curing cancer as well,

    Keep it up esp after seeing the living example of the Kuching friend,

    warmest regards, hope to catch up with you in Subang shortly,


  2. Bro. Chang,
    It's very important to have a living example to give confidence & lift up the spirit of those patients taking the Gerson therapy. Hope you will be the next living example to many others in the future. Anyway, enjoy your stay overthere. Have a pleasant trip back to Msia