Friday, December 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.
William Allen White

On my last day in San Diego, I decided to do last minute shopping and took a cab to Best Buy at about 12noon. Best Buy is out of town and it was drizzling. The road leading to the store was closed because one section of the road was flooded. There is so much to see there and the sales people were so helpful, unlike those in Malaysia. I had a field time there and bought two items, a ebook reader and an Android 7" tablet. By the time I was ready to leave, it was still raining and with the help of Best Buy staff, they arrange a cab for me. It was about 2.15pm then. My flight is at 5pm, still got time, I thought. But because the road was flooded, the cab did not show up by 3pm and I was beginning to get worried. But an angel was by my side. There was this young man called David and he was doing missionary work for the church and I did made a small donation to his church earlier. We spoke briefly at the door while waiting for my cab to come as he wanted to know more about Malaysia. After a while, he sense that I uneasy and I told him I need to catch a plane at 5pm and immediately offered to sent me to the airport for free. However, since he is supposed to collect donation during this time and in sending me to the airport, he say I could make another donation for his time. I gladly agreed . Phew, just got to the airport in time for check-in. A close call.

My flight back was not as difficult as I predicted. Because of the rain and tunderstorms, the flight out of California was bumpy all the way. I took the opportunity to catch some sleep, trying to get my body in sync back with the time zone in Malaysia. I think this strategy must have worked because I was not having any of the jetlag symptoms today and I only felt tired.

During this 25 hours journey back, I have broken the eating rules. I was hungry and although I had rye bread, I just could not survive on it alone. So I took vegetarian food. I am feeling quite well. However, my breathing feels a little heavy (irregular heartbeats at times) and I think my lungs are still not clear. Perhaps some old remanants of the previous episode are still in there.

Many of my friends have SMSed me about my trip. I will post on Sunday my experiences.

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