Thursday, December 16, 2010

468 Days And Counting!

We do not see things they are. We see them as we are.

Hey, I am celebrating the begining of my 16 months of being alive in Tijuana, Mexico. It feels great and I look forward to more days to come!

This morning I woke up with pain on my back and shoulder blade area, the worst I got since I came here. I was also feeling nausea. After the morning checkup, I quickly did the morning coffee enema and the pain has somewhat subsided. The pain around the shoulder blade area, however remain throughout the day. My doctor told me this is a healing reaction and there is nothing much to worry about. Not that I am worrying, it just that the pain is disturbing.

The weather has been cold today and there was also a slight drizzle this afternoon. I met Charlotte Gerson for the second time when she came to visit me in my room this morning. She explained to me about my healing reaction and we had quite a pleasent short chat. Later, just before lunch, she delivered her talk about the Gerson Therapy. This time round, we had two guests. They are potential patients. They came over to check out the facilities. One of them flew in all the way from Calgary, Canada while the other is a local.

The taxi driver that drove us around town yesterday was talkative. Most of the time he was trying to sell his services to us and at the same time reminded us what this trip will entails, meaning a shopping tour is just that. Frankly, I find the cost of hiring the taxi at US$50 for two hours expensive. He took us downtown Tijuana for shopping, and showed us the border area (which is along the way to town) where young Mexicans will wait for nightfall to make a jump over the border fence. Last year, a total of about 8,000 Mexicans were found dead trying to cross into US through the Arizona Desert. Tijuana is a hilly area with valleys all over, and very little flat land. It has a population of 3 million and there are 24 universities here!

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  1. Dear Chang

    Congratulations for the milestone of 16 months. I have full confidence in you and there will definitely be many more 16 months to come. Stay focus and you will make it!

    Best Wishes.

    Allen Tan