Saturday, December 4, 2010

Greetings From San Diego!

Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in positive directions, these can be changed as your priorities change, new one added, and others dropped.
Author Unknown

I have never traveled so many hours non-stop in a single day. The trip to San Diego took me 25 hours including two transits. I am now blogging this post from my motel, Rodeway Inn in downtown San Diego. By the time I reached my motel, it was almost 7.30pm local time and the temperature sure seems less than 14°C and coupled with the wind blowing, it was cold. I was also famished. Getting vegetarian food is also a problem and in the end I settled for Lebanese food. I had Hummus with pita bread and Fattoush, a Lebanese vegetarian salad. Of course, the food I took is not approved but I had no choice. I took the least damaging foods.

Then I came back to the motel, had a quick bath, post this blog and straight to bed. Well, I hope to give you some more updates tomorrow.


  1. May the Holy Spirit watch over you always and heal you.

    A prayer to soothe your soul as you seek recovery in a faraway land.

  2. Wishing you well, my friend. Miracles can happen. Don't you ever give up. We have a song for you at:

  3. "Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear the hardship of today."
    — Thich Nhat Hanh


    Trust that tomorrow will keep on getting better. You take care and be strong. Peace to you and your family always.


  4. Wish you get well soon and a fruitful trip. Trust you come back much stronger and in better health.

  5. Prayer for Inner Healing
    Almighty and everlasting Lord, I come before you now in great need of your mercy. You are the doctor and physician of my soul. I humbly beseech thee to send forth your healing power into every area of my inner-woundedness. I surrender to you all areas of unforgiveness, especially those hurtful past events where anger and bitterness have been allowed to fester, causing harm to my physical health.

    I ask for your grace to forgive every person in my past who has ever hurt me. I forgive my father and mother and ask to be set free from all forms of mental, emotional and psychological ailments. I forgive my brothers and sisters for their sibling rivalry, selfishness and divisiveness that have caused strife within our family. I forgive my friends, coworkers and neighbors for all their harmful actions and the unkind words they have spoken against me.

    I forgive my spouse, children and all my extended family members, and I ask for your loving grace to heal all the circumstances where I failed to receive the love, affection, support and respect that I needed. I forgive all those who have violated my sexual purity, and I ask to be set free and washed clean by the power of your purifying love. I forgive myself for my past mistakes and failures, and I ask to be set free from all destructive consequences, guilt, shame and self-condemnation.

    I forgive all those in positions of authority, especially those doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, insurance adjustors, paramedics, police officers, government officials, former employers and members of the clergy who have treated me unjustly. I forgive my greatest enemies and those who I have vowed that I would never forgive. I break those vows right now by the power of your name Lord Jesus.

    By an act of my free will, I choose to forgive everybody, including the person who hurt me the most. I release my desire to receive an apology, my need to be justified in my actions and my need for others to acknowledge the injustice. I surrender the entire debt of all injuries into your merciful hands, Lord Jesus. I denounce all forms of anger, bitterness and resentment, and I command every evil spirit that has entered my body through the lack of forgiveness to leave now and go straight to the feet of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Through the power of your Holy Spirit, I ask you Lord Jesus to fill me with your love, peace, patience, kindness, generosity and self-control. May your healing hand rest upon me now as I bless all those who have hurt me. I desire to be kind and compassionate to everyone, forgiving them just as you have forgiven me. I ask for the healing power of your love to flow through every cell of my body and into the lives of those whom I have forgiven. Amen.