Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rock And Roll Days

Blessings are not valued until they are gone.
Brahma Kumaris

This is a second last day of the 2010 year and tomorrow, I though I would do a quick flashback of my life in 2010 and my resolution for 2011.

The last few days for me has been quite peaceful albeit some pain around my shoulder and back areas. I have reverted back to my normal diet after two days of pumpkin brown rice porridge. Although my indigestion problem has subsided, I have not been eating well, skipping my salads most of the time. I used to eat much more previously. Perhaps this could be due to the mouth ulcers that I have developed.

I have not been able to sleep well for the last two days, frequently getting up for night urine, tossing and turning in bed. I have tried to sleep without the air conditioner on since I came back from USA. The result is that I get sleepy during day time, so I try to sleep in between juices.

Last night, I had a reunion dinner with my ex-colleagues. We had dinner at this cozy Japanese Cafe which is owned and run by, I think a Japanese husband and wife team. I was told the food is good. They were surprised to see me with long hair, teasing me as a rock star. The best I could do is a bathroom singer. I have not cut my hair for seven months now and the last I wore long hair was in the 70s. Remember those rock and roll days? Well, since I am not working now, I thought I would wear long hair for a while. Reminiscence is something we all do and the older we get the more likely we are to fall back on our memories.

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