Monday, December 6, 2010

Impression Of San Diego

Positive thoughts are not enough. There have to be positive feelings and positive actions.
Remez Sasson

I got my first bird eye viewe of San Diego city up in the sky when I arrived last Friday inside the American Eagle plane as it was landing. Not that many high rise buildings and the streets seem congested because I could see lots of cars on the freeway. The plane landed in Terminal R, possibly the oldest terminal of the San Diego International Airport. The plane was small and could sit about 51 of us only. Checkout was quick and easy. I waitied for about 15 minutes outside the airport for a taxi but none was forthcoming. It was already dark and not to mention cold then and finally I asked an airport official for directions on how to take the public bus to downtown.

The bus was rather empty, only four of us. The road to downtown was not congested at all, in fact rather quite for a Friday night. I was happy as bus stopped on the start of the street where the motel was located. However, after 15 minutes of walking, I still could not see the motel in sight and was begining to get worried. After askeing for more directions, I found out that the motel was located at the other far end of the same street, about another 15 minutes walk. As I was walking towards the motel, I could see quite a number of homeless people making the sidewalk as their home. Most of them only had a blanket over their body to shelter against the cold. The final block to the motel was a steep climb and I was trying to catch my breath when I reach the motel reception area.

My half day San Diego trip was cancelled due to insufficient demand. So I spent the afternoon exploring the town. I noticed that there are also quite a lot of homeless people sleeping beside the sidewalks of offices and department stores. Like Saturday, the town was rather quiet, not many cars on the road. I like the slow pace of life here. No rushing at all. However, I do not know what it will be like on Monday when it is a work day. Despite Christmas being just around the corner, there are not much decorations in shopping complexes or on the streets at all. Even at the motel where I stayed, not a single Christmas tree was spotted.

I bought some used quality CDs at rather reasonable prices. I think many things are much cheaper here (after conversion) compared to back home. However, made in China products here are more expensive after conversion. Well, if you are earning US$, I think most things are cheap if you don't do the conversion.

I have been eating non approved food for the past three days. Of course it tastea good, compared to my normal plain no salt, no oil and no sugar diet. Here I take mainly vegetarian diet, so there will be some amount of suger, salt and oil. I also eat vegie salads on my own. I find the weather cold especially in the night, my body rather weakened as compared to my pre-cancer days. Rodeway Inn is quite a decent hotel and I find the room rather big and clean and they also provide free wifi access. Tomorrow morning, I will be going to the Gerson Clinic at Tijuana at 8.30am to start my therapy. I have also been sleeping a lot and resting. I am tired from the travelling but my health is good at the moment.


  1. Very good to hear you had good rest. You travel to and fro San Diego to Tijuana or you stay put at the clinic for your therapy? Take care while you are there.

  2. Chang

    Keep us posted on your trip it gives a different light to travel than when we are on holiday without a mission or goal.....

    Ai Wee

  3. Chang,

    so pleased to read your blogs.

    More so tomorrow you will be at Gearson Clinic.

    Look like all the initial fear of flight vis-a vis your food is now behind you, and so set sight to win more battles ahead,

    all the best,