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Gerson Clinic Tijuana, Mexico

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In connection with some comments from John of Australia, I thought I will reply as a new post because he raised some very important questions about Gerson Therapy (GT).

Although Pancreatic cancer (PC) is an agressive cancer, Charlotte Gerson has said the clinic has healed patients with PC before. When a patient has chemo, about 50% of the chemo will be discharged within 4-5 days after the application. The other 50% of it is lodged inside the body. Getting the body back into the pre-chemo state takes more time. Depending on how many cycles of chemo that your sister has done, all is not lost. Even if she had taken the full 6-8 cycles, restoration can still take place but a much longer time is required. Normally a patient who has done chemo would be required to have a 6-9 months break before castor oil enema can be used to detox the body.

Doing GT @ Home
Basically, you can do the GT by yourself using Dr Max Gerson's book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases or Charlotte Gerson's book, HEALING The Gerson Way as a guide. You can also engage a qualified Gerson Therapist to help you to do the therapy at home. If you are doing it yourself like me, then the therapy that I am doing is a standard therapy (which you can copy from the book without modification).

The difference by doing it in Mexico is that, I get an individualised therapy. It takes into consideration the type of cancer and the state of health of the patient after the blood test results. The diet, additional juices, supplements and other treatments will then be customised for that patient. Over here, the patient will get 24 hours monitoring and once a week blood tests. Adjustments will be made immediately after results of the blood tests, if any. If the patients has some kind of complaints or pain, the doctor will also immediately modify or add additional remedies. For example, I could not sleep for three nights and the doctor found that the reason was due to my coffee solution that I was using for my enemas was too strong and immediately adjusted the formulation. No problems sleeping after that.

Back home then, I was following a standard therapy because I do not know enough on how the vary the therapy for my type of cancer. But nonetheless, it was still effective. The juicing is pretty standard, only how many juices a patient can take, though I was taking 11 hourly juices a day (recommended 13 a day). The number of juices is really dependent on the patient's body condition, the doctor will then decide. The body needs all the nutrients and enzymes it needs to rebuild the toxic body.

The minimum stay is two weeks and the recommended stay is three weeks. Just before discharge, the doctor will then prescribed a three month schedule for the patient to follow back home. The patients is recommended to keep in contact with the clinic and submit monthly blood tests so that the doctor can vary or adjust the therapy as required. However, consultation is not free and costs US$60 per half hour.

Although not required, some patients do come back to the clinic for renewal or for a refresher. We have one patient here from Malaysia who came back after his blood results deteriorated because he became more relax with his food intake after leaving the clinic 15 months ago. His body is still free of tumors but felt the need to come back to get back on track.

Gerson Supplements
Depending on where you stay, getting the complete Gerson supplements may be a problem. For me, I could not get some of the supplements (eg Inflamezyme, Colostrum, Thyroid, B12 and Liver injections). One supplement, B17 is effective only for certain types of cancer (eg. Breast) and so not every patient will be given B17 injections.

You can order them from the Internet stores but you would not know if those supplements are "approved" or not. After coming to Gerson Clinic, I now know but I can tell you where to buy them directly without having to come to the clinic. Contact or

Anyway, getting all the supplements are important and is part of the therapy. It helps to heal the body and fight the tumors. Getting injections have a better effect than taking the supplements orally.

Just before discharge from the clinic, we are recommended to buy three month's supply of supplements to take back home. We are not recommended to buy more than three months because the doctor can order a variation in supplements intake. I find the costs of the supplements here way cheaper than back home, most of the time 25%-30% cheaper.

Complementary Therapies
I know many patients (I spoke to some of them while here) take complementary therapies in addition to the GT. Charlotte Gerson feels strongly about her father's therapy and thinks that GT is all you need.

Personally I also take additional therapies that I think will give my body the extra help it needs. However, throughout the duration of my stay here, I suspended my other complementary therapies. This is to avoid "complications" like this pain is happening to you because you took an additional remedy that is not recommended or the like.

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  1. Hi Upekha, I have few questions about the supplements for GT. My husband is about to start the GT at home since the clinic in Mexico is not able to take him in until next month. Do you know where can I get the supplements? what kind of supplements a patient should take in general? How often to take these supplements?

    In your article, you mentioned there's a Malaysian went to GT clinic, do you have this Malaysian's contact? Because I am from Malaysia too, I would like to know if I can contact this person to get some of his experience with GT?

    Desperately need your feedback.