Monday, December 20, 2010

Nostalgic Feelings

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.
Ancient Persian Saying

Today is my penultimate day here at the clinic. There are mixed feelings as usual. On one hand, my therapy is coming to an end and I will be heading home to meet my family members. I miss them. At the same time, I made some good friends here. I had the same feeling early this week when patients started leaving the clinic.

Yesterday afternoon, during my coffee enema, I had an unusual episode. I was coughing profusely and all of a sudden, instead of phlegm, I felt some semi-hard object that I have to spit out. As it turns out, it looks like a small fish (about 2 over inches in size, no joke) with traces of blood clots. I continued to cough blood clots and there was also fresh blood along with it after that. That was the pretty bad. There was so much blood clots and blood coming out with every cough, I wonder when the coughs would stop and finally when it did, I quickly rinse my mouth of the blood. Later I showed it to my night doctor and he thinks it is also a small fish and suggested that it be taken to the lab for analysis. This morning, I consulted my regular doctor and he said it does look like a fish but said it is cartilage, mucus and some tissues. Not sure if it is tumor tissues but he did not agree to proceed with the lab analysis because not just because it costs US$200 to do the analysis, but thinks that it is still a little too early. He said he has seen shapes of shoes and trees. Anyway, he said this is a good sign the lungs is clearing but warned me if there are more fresh blood in my coughs, then he will have to give me some medication to stop the bleeding and also asked me not to take niacin for the time being. I actually felt good about this episode. Finally I thought, clearing of unwanted 'rubbish' from my lungs!

The weather was quite warm this morning, so I went down to the beach for a walk again. Watching the waves breaking and some dolphins circulating in the water made me felt calm and relaxing. So much so, I forgot to go back to the clinic for my hourly juices.


  1. I've been thinking about all the friends I made at the Clinic and missing all of you. That is so strange about coughing up that tissue.

    I hope your traveling home goes as smoothly as possible. My day of traveling home started out well, we crossed the border in only 2 hours, but then all the flights in and out of San Diego were delayed. We spent the rest of the day sitting in an over-crowded airport and waiting. I ran out of food and was quite hungry. I didn't get home until midnight and was throwing up bile by then. I did a coffee enema and drank some gruel, but it took me all of yesterday to start feeling well again. Today was a good day.

    I recommend bringing plenty of fruit and extra bread in addition to the lunch that the clinic will pack for you. And it might be difficult, but if you can somehow manage to do a coffee enema while you're traveling you'll probably feel much better for it. I hope your traveling goes as smoothly as possible. I'm sure you will be glad to finally get home to your family and home again.

    I'm so glad to have met you.

  2. Chang,

    So u believe u had got rid of something unwanted fr yr lung, yeah........U r now better.

    All the best for yr return flight, look fwd to seeing u in Subang.


  3. Dear Emily,

    I am so glad to know your trip back home was rather smooth notwithstanding the delay at the airport.

    Dr. Ramos said the tissue thingy is most likely due to the medication that I was taking here and he said he has seen in other patients too. What intrigues me is the shape of the tissue. It not only looks like a little fish, I can also see the eyes, fin and tail.

    I agree with you about the food and I have asked the kitchen to make an extra loaf of bread for me to take along. It's going to be a long journey back. I will ask for some medication from Dr. Ramos, just in case.

    It's been a pleasure meeting you and also learning from your about other complementary treatments.

  4. Dear Kok Piew,

    I am OK. The fresh blood coughing episode was the first for the last 15 months. Good thing is that the coughing stopped.

    Hope to see you back home soon.