Sunday, December 6, 2009

Painful Weekend

The massage that I took two days ago is certaintly more than I bargain for. There are still some aching here and there. I believe at my present state, it is more harmful then beneficial. If there was a slight pain around the spine/back area, it would have been a better option to request my wife to give a local massage at the affected area. Yesterday I also experience some pain around the ribs area and not sure if this was caused by the massage or not.

I got up a little late yesterday, almost one hour late compared to my usual time. As a result, my jucing and coffee enema timing was out. I also prepared two days supply of the hipocrates soup. Previously I prepared in Chinese style, that is clear soup but this time, I put them through a food mill to mashed up the vegetable fibre into creamy soup much like the Campbell soup. It certaintly taste better this way.

Ever since I did my coffee enema by lying on the right side I noticed that the discharge is much more smelly than done on a sitting position. The burning sensation on the anus due to speed of coffee intake has been significantly reduced as I lower the height of the coffee enema bucket. The down side is that the coffee enema takes at least 15 to 20 minutes longer to complete. So I drink my juice before I start my coffee enema. By the time I complete the enema (including cleaning), it would have been time for the next juicing. I feel hungry immediately after the coffee enema. Of late, I am getting some flare ups from the coffee enema such as stomach discomfort and too much gas release i.e. I farth. I will have to brew camomile tea to help ease the stomach discomfort.

I have been working hard to eat as much as possible the last two days. The hipocrates soup has lots of vegetables fibre in it and as a result, I am quite full after a meal. Just check my weight and I gain back a kg to 71kg. I think at the rate I am going, I should be able to maintain at 72kg. Despite being overweight according to my BMI, I looked thin. This is because I have large frame or bones. The only place I want some meat back is in my buttocks!

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