Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Early Morning Blues

This morning I felt very tired when I woke up. The pain of the muscles around the arms and shoulder was getting worst. I think it will need a few days before it will get better. I have not been exercising my muscles for sometime now and even the simple cutting of branches of the plants can cause such muscle pain. My right thigh is also a little painful because of the squatting. The sharp pain around the right kidney every now and then is gone. Overall, I just feel physically tired today but my spirits are high.

After 9 days of food holiday in India, getting back to the Gerson diet is not proving to be so difficult. I eat at the same table as my family members and I can resist the delicious food they eat. Before I left for India, many of my friends have been warning me about this and that. My journey takes me to some of the poorest states in India and other than the menancing beggers, we did not feel any security threat. So long as you keep to some simple safety rules, one should be OK. So for those of you who got (wrong?) secondary information about India, perhaps it's time you make a trip to find out yourself. It's a whole new experience. Airasia has made it affordable to travel to India and I understand they will be adding new cities to the North.

Food plays such an important role in one's physiology. There is an ancient Chinese saying that "sickness derives from what we put into our mouths". When I was at KL General Hospital waiting to see the oncologist, I observed that many of the patients are all in wheel chairs and from the faces you can tell many of them really sick. Perhaps they had listened to the oncologist who also told me that food has nothing to do with the disease. When I was in India, I ate normal vegetarian food and I was also to move around without problems. But when I came back I swithed back to Gerson diet my physical energy dropped immediately. But the good thing I observed is that my urine is clear, almost tasteless, no after taste. I feel good and my body is preserving itself, a far cry from what I saw at the hospital.

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