Monday, December 7, 2009

The Gerson Nutrition Diet

Some of my friends are interested to know more about the Gerson Therapy but could not get hold of the books. This post is to give a summary of the Gerson Nutrition Diet. Please note that the Gerson Therapy consists of three pillars namely 1) Detoxification, 2) Nutrition Diet and 3) Supplements.

I wrote about the coffee enema detoxification in earlier posts. For this post, I will list down the gist of the nutrition diet advocated by Dr Max Gerson and some of the explicit nos. It is best to avoid eating if unsure. It is also not recommended to mix the Gerson Therapy with some other nutrition diet program unless they are compatible. For exampe, some nutrition diet recommend seeds and nuts which are forbidden in the Gerson Therapy. The Gerson Nutrition diet are recommended for people who are suffering from cancer and also for people who wants to prevent cancer. For prevention purposes, although Dr Max Gerson has recommended that 25% of your food intake be your own personal choice (rest of 75% is vegetarian), but due to the commercial farming methods being employed now, you are advised to use 10% only which may be meat (avoid red meat), fish and other foods of your liking. For cancer patients, the recommendation is (100% organic vegetarian, no salt, no sugar and no oil) to follow the rule in the strictest sense as much as possible. Cancer patients are required to follow the program for 2 years or more until recovered. When that happens, the cancer patient who is now in remission can go on the cancer prevention nutrition diet.

Permitted Foods
- All kinds of fresh fruits prepared in different ways, like into juices, salads, into soup, mashed or mixed with other fruits and vegetables. Recommended are apples, grapes, cherries, mangoes, peaches, oranges, apricots, grapefruit, bananas, tangerines, pears, plums, melongs, papayas, persimmons, etc. Should not be frozen or canned food.
- All vegetables freshly prepared, some stewed in their own juices such as carrots, califlower, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, leeks, potatoes, etc prepared in different ways. Potatoes are best baked with skin on.
- Unsalted bread may contain organic rye (with say 20% of whole wheat flour).
- Organic oatmeal may be freely used.
- Organic brow rice.
- Buckwheat cakes, potatoes pancakes, brown sugar (organic dried cane juice i.e. Sucanat), Manuka honey, maple sugar and 100% pure maple syrup are optional.
- Milk products such as churn milk, nonfat unflavoured yogurt, and nonfat unsalted pot (cottage) cheese.
- Peppermint, charmomile, linden flower and orange flower tea
- Onions, garlic, parsley leaves, chives, horseradish and celery.
- Organic Flaxseed Oil

Foods To Be Avoided
- All berries, seeds, nuts, pineapple, avocadoes and cucumber
- Icecream
- No salt, sugar and oil (for cancer patients)
- Low salt, sugar and oil (cancer prevention)
- Alcohol (liquor and wine), cigrattes, coffee and tea
- Bicarbonate of soda, smoked fish and sausages
- Sharp codiments such as peper and ginger
- All cooking utensils in aluminium
- Eggs, fish, meat, butter, cheese and milk (not allowed for the first one and half years of starting the program)

For cancer patients, vegetables and fruit juices are prepared freshly and to drink recommended 13 8oz (250ml) juices hourly and also hipocrates soup during lunch and dinner.

Hipocrates Soup
- Use 4-liters stainless steel pot
- Assemble the following vegetables
- Cover with distilled quality water

1 medium celery knob or 3-4 stalks of celery
1 medium parsley root – if available
Garlic as desired
2 small leeks (if not available, replace with 2 medium onions)
1 ½ pounds tomatoes or more
2 medium onions
1 pound of potatoes
A little parsley.

- Do not peel any of these special soup vegetables
- Wash and scrub them well
- Cut them coarsely
- Simmer them slowly for 2 hours
- Then put them through a food mill in small portions
- Only fibers should be left
- Vary the amount of water used for cooking according to taste and desired consistency.
- Keep well covered in refrigerator no longer that 2 days
- Warm up as much as needed each time

Where possible, all vegetables are fruits to be used are organically grown. If not available, ensure that the vegetables and fruits are washed and soaked Use 3% hydorgen peroxide to wash away the pesticides.

If you are keen to read more, Dr Max Gerson's The Cancer Therapy can be obtained from Newlife International in SS2.


  1. All of the Gerson books, CDs, and DVDs are available at

  2. Yes but that would take time to order and arrive. If you need it quick, you can get one from Newlife which is quite well represented throughout Malaysia.

    I am not affliated with Newlife, but go there because they are strong supporter of the Gerson Therapy and stock a few of the supplements and other stuffs (like coffee enema buckets and organic toothpaste) that you require to start the Gerson Therapy.