Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drinking More Juice

Today I will start of with something on IT. I have been testing on Windows 7 to see if I would upgrade it to this version and I must say this is the best Windows version to date. Yes I would recommend update to this version especially if you are using Vista. But wait. Windows 7 has a serious flaw, so serious that will render your computer not usable. This problem is called "Black Screen of Death". Microsoft periodically update Windows automatically for security patches and it seems one of its patches resulted in the computer screen turning black just after startup. It happened to me twice already and is there a fix? Microsoft is said to be working on it but a British security firm has posted a fix. If you or your friends have this problem, then you need to download this fix. Start your Windows 7 in Safe Mode (to do that press F8 when you start your computer) and select the "Safe Mode with Networking" option. Once Windows has started, start IE and point your browser to A file will be downloaded and click "Run" to apply the fix. Restart Windows and you are back to normal.

Of late you would have detected some frustrations in my blog. Yes, you are right. Part of it was due to the Black Screen problem as described above as I search for the solution. But the main thing is that this cancer thingy can be frustrating and you can get into highs and lows. This morning, I woke up to my normal high spirited self. My jucing schedule has gone quite well albeit 10 minutes late and by 12.40pm, I have completed 7 juices and counting. I started my coffee enema at 8am and completed 3 enemas by 4pm so that I don't have to do in the evening because after coffee enema, I get rather hungry and look for something to eat. This schedule seems to work fine since I am also doing my homeopathy treatment in the evening, I cannot eat anything after that.

Charlotte Gerson in her co-authorded book, The Gerson Therapy described in one of the case study that one cancer patient juiced more than 13 times a day whenever possible and self healed himself. She also noted the more is the better. I believe that's the key. The 10 times that I am doing is not sufficient (wonder why these clinics in Hawaii advertised 10 to 11 juices a day only) which is why I am neither here or there. I will endevour to juice as many as times possible, perhaps increasing the frequency by shortining to 50-55 minutes interval. This is done due to the time available. I am buying more vegetables and apples because of this. I hope to see some improvements in the next few days.

I also received a very encouragement email from Ms Anderson of Gerson Institute. She saw my blog and offered encouragement and support including supply of one year's newsletter and also emailed me the Little Coffee Enema booklet. She also disclosed that for castrol oil enemas, I can use Lecithin instead of ox bile powder. I believe Lecithin is available locally.

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