Saturday, December 12, 2009

Simulation Run

This morning (Saturday), I spend half a day taking my children to shop for back to school items and at the same time simulate what would happen while I am in India. I noted that my physical energy levels are not so high and I get hungry very fast. I brought along a 250gm guava but it was not sufficient. Because I am used to some solid food like rice, noodles or bread, the fruit did no offer much relief. Furthermore the current hot weather, it can get tiring very fast. I don't get so tired when I am in Cameron Highlands. Since it's winter in Northern India, the weather there will be cold. So although I may not get so tired, but I will still get hungry because of the cold weather. So I need to address the need for solid food. Basically, I would depend on 1) the flask of hot water that I will be carrying long to make oatsmeal and 2) rye, wholemeal bread or chapati that I buy and carry will carry along with me. I will try and order fresh food so that I can dictate what they put in. It will be low or no sodium, suger and oil diet. So for the juicing, I can carry apples and/or carrots along and eat as much as possible. I will also bring along my supplements like Q10, B12, naicin, kelp and k-salt.

Of course, some people still wonder why at my present condition I undertake the journey to India. As you can see from developments, anything can happen. Time waits for no man and if you need to go, then go because we really do not know what tomorrow brings. Although this may sound negative, this is living in the present. Old Chinese traditional thinking is to save the best for last but I would prefer to go with the flow. My "future" is still blurr and while I am able bodied, I should make use of it least I regret it later. It is said that the pilgrimage sites carries very high energy levels and I hope to benefit from it. My whole family's knowledge of Buddhism is very good and can also chant very well. We will invoke the blessings of the devas to protect us while we are at the holy sites.

I have managed to juice between 11 and 12 times a day. I have also been visiting some pharmacies for lecithin but found most of them to have about 2mg of sodium in every tablespoon. I am not sure if this is acceptable but the preference is to be sodium free. I will continue to search. Lecithin is the substitute for ox bile powder in castor oil enemas. I have managed to stay on potatoes diet for the last three days but is is not easy. I am trying to remove my dependencies from brown rice to once a week. The Hipocrates soup is helping to make me full and I have also been eating much more fruits, especially guava. I have not gotten used to my new shape. I need to adjust my belts to smaller size by punching new holes and my trousers from size 34 to size 33/32.

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